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 Hidden Inakamono: Future Fortune Tellings

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PostSubject: Hidden Inakamono: Future Fortune Tellings   22nd November 2011, 11:15 pm

Name: Tarot Card of Fate (Major Arcana)
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: B-Rank (C-Rank)
Class: Offensive
Range: 0 - 25m

Description: This tech is a very unique creation in that it is a completely 'random' attack. It has the ability to heal, kill, drain, or simply put a scratch on both the target and the user. The user focuses chakra into the hands and say a certin chant. The chant is usually a personal prayer or phrase chanted out to the gods of fate. Once ready the user claps their hands and slowly pulls them appart reavealing a glowing rectangle card. The user then raises the card above the head and the card grows over ten times its normal size. (from a 3in x 8in to a 3ft x 10ft card) The card the entire time glows a bright yellow untill its full size. At its full size the glow ends and reveals what card it is. Depending on the cards position (upside down or not) and the card its self, the affects varries. Anyone is able to learn this tech but must have a teacher. If a Inakamono clan user uses this tech it drops from a B-Rank to a C-Rank. The 'randomness' of the cards depends on the word count in the post before the turn this tech is used.


#0 The Fool:

#1 The Magician:

#2 The High Priestess:

#3 The Empress:

#4 The Emperor:

#5 The Hierophant:

#6 The Lovers:

#7 The Chariot:

#8 Strength:

#9 The Hermit:

#10 Wheel of Fortune:

#11 Justice:

#12 The Hanged Man:

#13 Death:

#14 Temperance:

#15 The Devil:

#16 The Tower:

#17 The Star:

#18 The Moon:

#19 The Sun:

#20 The Judgement:

#21 The World:

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Inakamono: Future Fortune Tellings   22nd November 2011, 11:54 pm

Approved <3


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Hidden Inakamono: Future Fortune Tellings
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