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 Faction Leader List

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PostSubject: Faction Leader List   11th January 2012, 8:42 pm

Pandora Empire:
Gold Duality (Goddess-Empress): Carmen A. Fushicho {Leader of the Entire Pandora Empire}
Bloody Ruler (God of Stealth): Xan I. Ibwa {Leader of the TLAH Knight Order)
Blue Hummingbird (God of Assault): ??? {Leader of the HUIT Knight Order)
Green Heron (God of Counter-Assault): ??? {Leader of the ICHT Knight Order)
White Dragon (God of Support) : ??? {Leader of the INCO Knight Order)
Black Jaguar (God of Espionage): ??? {Leader of the CUAN Knight Order)
Mother Snake (God of Training): ??? {Leader of the CIHU Knight Order)
Youthful Sun (God of Reconnaissance): ??? {Leader of the PILT Knight Order)
Violet Dog (God of Extraction): ??? (Leader of the XOLO Knight Order)
Old Warrior (God of Sealing): ??? {Leader of the HUEH Knight Order)

Allied Shinobi Nations:
Koikage (Also Current): {Leader of the Entire ASN}
ANBU Commander (Also Current): {Leader of the Entire ANBU}
Head Medic (Also Current): {Leader of the Entire Medical Corps}

ASN Council:
Ibara Representative =
Dipu Representative =
Shi Representative =
Kaos Representative =
Haka Representative =
Samui Representative =

Abisukage = {Leader of Dipugakure}
Head-Nin =
Hunter-Nin Commander =
1. Summer Osuna
2. Abigail Jiko

Gurekage = {Leader of Hakagakure}
Head-Nin =
Hunter-Nin Commander =

Himeikage = {Leader of Kohaigakure}
Head-Nin =
Hunter-Nin Commander =


Shinpikage = {Leader of Nazogakure}
Head-Nin =
Hunter-Nin Commander =

Legate Legionis (Samehada): Cyrus Taki {Leader of the Shogunate}
Tribunis Legionis:

----The Blades----
Legate (Ryuujin): ???
Legate (Hiramekarei): Rain Hokkai
Legate (Nuibari): Asura Mishura
Legate (Kabutowari): Dominique V. Taki
Legate (Kubikiribocho): Tikatchi Mishura
Legate (Kiba): Xing Denkou
Legate (Shibuki): ???

Mark of Heaven: Armenezra D. Rikigaku {Leader of Heaven Division}
Mark of Limbo: Rai Inugami {Leader of Limbo Division}
Mark of Earth: Kris Suisho {Leader of Earth Division}
Mark of Purgatory: Hope Kurogane {Leader of Purgatory Division}
Mark of Hell: Takahiro Denkou {Leader of Hell Division}

:Epsilon Republic
Prime Minister: Yvette Ocelot {Leader of the Epsilon Republic}
Minister of Technology: Regal Gekido
Minister of Research: Zelana Yaju
Minister of Development: Neo T. Arashi
Governor of Greed (So-honbucho): Aiya Tenkairi
Governor of Souls (So-honbucho): Tieryuu Valentine
Secretary of Defense (Fuku-honbucho): Xerxes R. Duvert


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Faction Leader List
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