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 Rosuto's Lost Past

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PostSubject: Rosuto's Lost Past   25th June 2012, 3:21 pm

Name: Forceful Edge
Classification: KG
Rank: B
Class: Passive
Range: N/A

Description: Rosuto's 'misplacment' in dipu has drove him to prove himself to the rest of the competition. Taking the only edge he has on the competition, he pushed himself to new heights increasing the ability behind his mutation. Using his parasite technique Rosuto can enter anyone's body with just a glancing touch. His body would seem to disappear in the blink of an eye as he enters the target. In addition he can pass from one person to another in the same manor. Rosuto can now enter anyone's body regaurdless of rank. If he enters someone of a lower rank Rosuto can take full controll of their body. If he enters a body of equal rank he can fight against the bodies movments, usually ending in the target being in a state of paralysis. If he enters a body of higher rank Rosuto can not fight or take control of their body but can disrupt the chakra flow of the body causing them to fail at one out of three techs used. When in anothers body Rosuto takes only half damage instead of all the damage that the body recieves. An unknowning effect to this is that once inside of a body, each turn spent inside of the targets body counts to twice the count of his toxic Vapor but the gas is only contained inside the body and not expelled into the group of people.

Name: Alteration Arts
Classification: Kg
Rank: C
Class: Off/Def/Sup/Passive
Range: All

Description: Another ability that has been called his mutation as well, Rosuto can cause the rapid growth or rapid death in the plants around him at will. This is done with little to no chakra and can be used to attack defend or suport others. Minor growth, such as just making it larger or killing a plant takes no chakra at all. Strengthening a plant to block or peirce C-Rank or higher attacks takes chakra equal to the rank needed. Plants can naturaly block and peirce D-Rank tech. Once a plant is completely killed it can not be used again but plants can be sprouted from seeds.

Name: Parasitic Assimilation
Classification: KG
Rank: C
Class: Passive
Range: N/A

Description: Using this tech Rosuto is able to enter and exit plants at will. It can be a plant the size of a seed or a plant the size of a redwood tree, size does not matter. Once inside the plant the entire plant body will produce Rosuto's Toxic Vapor.

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PostSubject: Re: Rosuto's Lost Past   25th June 2012, 4:16 pm



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Rosuto's Lost Past
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