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 Arawn's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Arawn's Jutsu   Sat 22 Sep 2012, 12:05 am

Name: Final Head of Cerberus: Oni Giri [Sig. Finisher]
Classification: Kenjutsu
Rank: S-SS(if twisted)
Class: Offensive
Range: Short

Description: A three-way simultaneous slashing attack. Arawn crosses his two swords across his chest and places the blade in his mouth horizontally behind them. He then approaches the target usually at high speed and cuts through by swinging the swords across his chest, resulting in a descending diagonal-crossing slash from both swords while the mouth blade performs a horizontal cut from either the left or right, depending on which side of his mouth he positioned the sword's main blade at. There is a single brief moment when the three swords are all lined up behind each other. If one can block them at that instant, the entire technique will be rendered useless. Doing so however, requires an enormous amount of strength, more so than Arawn himself or else he’ll just push through the block and connect anyways unless the opponent has S-rank or above strength. As a result another part is where the swords are twisted during the slash for added force, resulting in this attack striking multiple opponents instead of one and if focused on one it needs at least SS-Rank strength to block.

Name: Cerberus Fighting Spirit
Classification: Genjutsu
Rank: C-SS
Class: Supp
Range: -

Description: Arawn has integrated the powerful ronin genjutsu to his Three Headed Cerberus Style. This genjutsu activates once the target see's his sword or hears it unsheathed. Every time the user uses a kenjutsu a large cerberus will manifest behind them and stare it the target with its glowing piercing eyes. Once seen the opponents become slower raising the speed of his techniques or himself by one rank.

Cerberus Manifesting:


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PostSubject: Re: Arawn's Jutsu   Sat 22 Sep 2012, 12:09 am

Umm... I fail to see the Genjutsu part in Oni Giri
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Arawn's Jutsu
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