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 Suo's trip to a Dark Place

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PostSubject: Suo's trip to a Dark Place   29th June 2013, 5:25 pm

Name: Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation
Classification: Kinjutsu/Medical Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Class: Supplementary
Range: Short

Description: a forbidden technique where, using a living person as a vessel, a deceased person's soul can be called back to the world of the living and bound to it. The vessel will then take on the form that person had in life, thereby reincarnating them to do their summoner's bidding.

To perform this technique, the user must first acquire some of the DNA of the person they intend to reincarnate. This basically amounts to grave-robbing, although blood stains or organs salvaged after the target's death also work. Next, a living sacrifice is required for the soul of the reincarnated to use as a vessel. Once all prerequisites for the technique have been met, the acquired DNA of the person is smeared on a special scroll and once the scroll is activated, the remains spread out in the form of a special seal with the living sacrifice in the centre. Then dust and ash encase the sacrifice's body, giving them the same appearance that the reincarnated had at the time of their death. The person is then reincarnated and the end product is usually stored in a casket until summoned by the user.

When first summoned, the body of the reincarnated is stored in a coffin; their body will appear grey and in a state of minor "decay": marred by cracks and other imperfections, and the individual will also appear to be "disengaged". Upon being inserted a talisman, their bodies become "rejuvenated", regaining their original complexion and their eyes lose their glassy state; however, their sclerae take on a grey colouring, however this has no affect on the ability of the reincarnated and they can be left in this "decay" state if the summoner chooses to give them free reign. They retain their personality, memories, and all abilities they had in life, including kekkei genkai, kekkei tōta and summoning contracts.

Unlike while they were still alive, the reincarnated have unlimited chakra and stamina,  The reincarnated are impossible to kill by normal means. Any damage they receive will easily regenerate, be it lost limbs or complete disintegration. Not even killing the summoner will get rid of them. While the reincarnated are immune to traditional attacks such as weapon-based attacks and even the death of the summoner being ineffective, there are three discovered methods to end the technique:
1. Seal away the soul of the reincarnated individual.
2. Forcing the user to undo the Summoning.
3. The reincarnated individual is affected in some emotional way that gives them closure. However, this method cannot work if the summoner eradicates the personality of the reincarnated individual before their soul is freed of its bonds.

Due to the weird universe in which the technique is used the technique is a bit more... "Flawed". As in the reincarnated, if damaged as in say gets decapitated etc etc, The regen time has been highly slowed as in they can't recover in the midst of combat, this counts for the infinite chakra as well, since they can not die once they hit there limit they must withdraw or face dealing with an oppoent with Academy level resevoir of chakra, which does regen at each post, of course this is only after they run out of their natural reserve.

Name: Lifeful Figure
Classification: Fuinjutsu
Rank: S
Class: Supplementary
Range: Short

Description: To be used in conjunction with Impure World Resurrection. the user attaches a seal to a kunai to bring back a person's will. Than the kunai is implanted into a body and than tethered soul is allowed to act as if they were alive thus allowing free will and even the opportunity to learn new jutsu as well as rank up as if they were alive.

Name: Accelerated Production
Classification: Fuinjutsu/Medical
Rank: A
Class: Supplemenfary
Range: Short

Description: The user places a seal on an ally or enemy which causes them to double the amount of blood their bodies produce. NormAlly used on an ally who is suffering from heavy blood loss which should recover their blood supply within 10 post. However their is a subtle offensive use fortune technique, if used on an enemy who has not suffered blood loss, the enemy within 5 post will succumb to heart attack as ones heart isn't used to an over abundance and the stress of pumping the excess blood. Also known to burst blood vessels. Can only be stopped by a high ranking med ninjutsu.

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PostSubject: Re: Suo's trip to a Dark Place   3rd July 2013, 9:33 pm

Approved however note if you don't seal the wounds up they'll gush blood instead of normally just bleeding out.


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Suo's trip to a Dark Place
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