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 Cleaning Up [Solo C Rank]

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PostSubject: Cleaning Up [Solo C Rank]   23rd September 2013, 6:39 am

Roxas sighed as he walked into the library. This wouldn't be as much of a pain as he thought it might be since he would occassionally visit this place inbetween trainings. He knew the layout decently and the different theme sections so finding the place for the books would be much quicker than if he rarely visited. The library was actually pretty amazing compared to Shigakure's, after all it did hold some information from all over the world. Whoever the Shogun was they made sure that this place was well informed. One couldn't help but respect the Shogun for that, though Roxas did have a few things he wished to speak with him about if he ever got the chance.

Walking up to the front desk, Roxas handed the head librarian the file. "Hey again. I'll be here for a bit to help out with organizing the books and restocking the shelves. And if yah don't mind I may do a little research while I'm at it," he said to the librarian with his usual smile plastered on his face, though this time it seemed a little less bright than usual. This was of course from the shock of being forced to kill in the pits. Even now he still remembered holding Christie's body as the life left her. She could've easily killed him too but she didn't. He owed her to take that place down.

The young Yoroi began by taking the books that had recently been turned in and rolled the cart around to find their appropriate places. As he did so he would scan the shelves for any eye catching names. There were plenty of history books there, though none seemed very interesting or some he didn't understand. It took him roughly twenty minutes to put up the books and during that time he saw a kid come in and begin looking through the books as well, collecting a decent amount on what seemed to be chakra beasts. He only knew this cause he caught a few words on the titles as he passed by once, though he wasn't sure what Chakra Beasts were. Maybe it had something to do with the Bijuu. They were beasts of chakra after all. But he'd always heard them referred to as Tailed Beasts, not Chakra Beasts. He would have to look into it at some point.

Two hours in to the mission, Roxas was dusting off the top shelves when he came across a very peculiar black book bound in chains. It was laying down above the books on the top base of the shelf itself, completely surrounded by a thick layer of dust, though none clinging to it. The book was entrancing and seemed to draw him in. He felt like he shouldn't touch it, but he couldn't resist. Slowly he reached out for it, his mind racing with questions, some of which he was not even sure were his own. After a moment of hesitation Roxas lifted the book from its self and read the title. It was just one simple word. 'Awakening".

Carefully, Roxas shifted the chains so he could open the book. The chains were ice cold against his flesh, even though the room was slightly hot. He gulped before opening the leather bound book and turning to the first page. It spoke of dangerous journies and hidden places, some of which he had never heard of in all the books he read. It spoke of deadly beings that were only rumored about, but one word did catch his attention. It was a word he had heard about through the story of his family. His gread grandfather, Tetsu Kurogane, had been trained by someone who had been rumored to be a soulless unlike any other. She had been called a Zenith.

Roxas nearly dropped the book when he read the word. This was a rare book, definitely. He slowly made his way down the ladder and began to get back to his work, all the while reading the pages contents. It spoke of the three races and their sub races. It went on to speak about us only being in our hidden stages, that each being had another stage to their life. One that possessed uncomprehensible powers that normal mortals only dreamed of.

There were beings who could summon demons and completely destroy chakra and had some seriously potent blood. There was a being that had unique elements and who's very emotions turned into a physical creature. Another race that harnessed emotions and could summon creatures from that. One that had the highest amount of chakra, said to be on par with that of a Bijuu, while another harnessed their chakra in the form of a cloak. Roxas knew the cloak one to be Zenith as that was what he had heard of Lexianne, Tetsu's teacher. There were some that were just greater versions of their former selves like the Dues. Beings of pure mental chakra who could reach any chakra level of any race and heal any mental damage.

But what caught Roxas's interest the most were the Jaeger and Vanir. Jaeger and their unique projectile accelerators, harnessing their killing intent to extremes so far as to make it actually physically paralyze people with fear. Vanir who had unique living weapons, many of which Roxas had never heard the classification of. These beings were extremely unique. Roxas could barely comprehend what he was reading. He had never really heard of such a thing besides that of the Zenith. In fact, that was the only reason he actually believed this book to speak the truth rather than thinking it was fiction.

Before Roxas even realized it he was done with all his work. He bit his lip, examining the book. It didn't seem to have any markers, but he wasn't sure if he should take it out. He looked back at the librarian and decided not to bring attention to it. He carefully headed back to where he found it and set it back in its exact place, making sure the chains tightly held the book bound. After that he went back to the librarian. She gave him his signed file and then he headed back to the office to give a mission complete.

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Cleaning Up [Solo C Rank]
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