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PostSubject: Research...   24th September 2013, 5:21 am

Deja vu. Neo sighed, nodding his head respectfully at the receptionist knowing full well that his stare made him look like a total stuck up prick. But her not liking him was all for the better, getting close to others will only bring further danger upon them, at least for now anyway. Neo turned and left, closing the door to the main office softly as he walked away, his weapons giving him no fatigue as he walked the corridors of the building heading the quickest route to the exit of the school. It was easily achieved, and despite only having been at the school for the short period of time, Neo had made sure full well that he memorised all its paths and shortcuts, each and every corridor and every open space access able by students. During the morning Neo even made an effort to search the restricted areas of the school in case he needed a quick escape for any…unexpected reasons. Neo arrived at the exit without much time being lost, walking in carelessly into the wide open world, the grass and dirt ranged on for the entire horizon, with the vast escape of boredom every few trees here and there. Perhaps, the walk would be peaceful, but peaceful…is hell. Seems like this was gonna be one hell of a pain in the ass, especially since his blood lust was at its near limit, it had been so long since he last killed, and by killed I mean a small animal or the likes, people are off limits, well, for now anyway.

Neo was so fussed on the fact that he isn’t killing something in his 3rd mission, that he had completely forgotten the mission he was actually suppose to be doing, so regretfully, after walking for about 10 minutes, he was forced to turn around, and make his way back to school. The moment he made it to those gates, his mind was furious, his anger seeping off his body. It was ridiculious. Not once did anyone stand in his way as Neo walked directly through crowds and groups through halls and rooms until he reach the office. Not a soul going near him, as his anger was obvious. As he approached the office door, the persona was made. His anger slipping off his face like butter and oil, as though it was never there, as he walked in, re-received the mission and walked straight back out, his anger once again claiming its mark in his body language, as he walked straight back through groups, hallways and the likes until he reached the gate, no form of sympathy here, not even a thought to the world this time as he walked out his aura slicing and ripping at the grass and plants as he made his way to his destination, this time with an idea as to where it was he was suppose to be going. Until he turned around again, realising he wasn’t researching plants, walking straight back into the school. And too the library.

The library as usual, was silent. Nobody talking nor running, walking, Fighting, shouting, nothing. It was just simple reading, study and the occasional click of a mouse at the computers. The books were neat and organised, and everything was ready. Neo pocketed his hand, drawing it back out, filled with the small sheet of paper which he had received from the receptionist, containing the list of books which coul aid as usual to the topic being researched. The chakra beasts. It was long, boring and somewhat relatable, a decent piece of history long written from each village. Neo found about 4 of the 6 books to which were recommended to him, and found an empty table where he had a pen, paper and of course, the books. Time for note taking 101 lessons. Neo sighed, opening the first book, originating from Dipugakure. It spoke of the death of many of their villages top fighters, including the kage. The promotions and step ups of their yonger generation, as well as the fights experienced and retold by survivers, one in particular being Colado Toketsu, the demon of the ice and flux, taking no damage in his fight, however, being the first to report to the village on their ability to completely and entirely remove chakra from ones body, as it had occurred on himself. Fortunately, a fellow shinobi had a specific skill set in reversing Fuinjutsu releasing it once more. Neo was bored by the history, yet it did give ideas, as anything possibly can.

About 3 hours later, Neo was on the last book, all the details, abilities, history, resoning an all the lot was completely noted down on a span of 4 pages. There was the notes, now for the funist part, the part where he writes the ridiculously long essay detailing all the details. Neo sighed, as he began. “The chakra beasts, the tragedy which befell all of the nations, destroying lives and villages alike, the mystery and potential they gave…” About another 2 hours later, Neo dropped his pen, after snapping it in half, with his fingers…and throwing it across the room. Not that the librarian cares, she was practically in love with him. Neo stood up, grabbing the essay, the 8 pages essay might I add, quite forcefully, scrunching the papers slightly, as he walked out, even in his anger, apologising to the lady for the books as he left. She giggled at his efforts of being nice, but Neo didn’t notice, he was already walking the halls ready to break the wall down to go directly to the office rather then turn. Once he arrived, there was a que to the front line, another annoyance. A further half hour was spent waiting for the line to diminish as Neo placed...i mean slammed the paper on the desk of the receptionist. It wasn’t her fault, and Neo knew that, and she knew that he knew. But anger is anger, what can you do. “Completed.”

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