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 Dice Rolls

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PostSubject: Dice Rolls   12th November 2013, 1:18 am

Topic Day or Night
When making the first post while entering a location and making a topic one must roll to determine the time of day whether it is Daytime with the Sun up or Night with the moon up. This is a 50/50 chance of occurring, once one has determined the day there is the optional roll to determine the time of day/night this doesn't have to be done. However, often certain abilities on the forum revolve around certain times (Use Success Chance Dice Roll to determine.



Location Weather
When making the first post while traveling within a land along with the Encounter Rate in order to determine the weather. Each Land has it's own weather patterns and each weather has it's own effect for elemental techniques.

Clear Skies (Dice Roll 1) - N/A
Rainy (Dice Roll 2) - Water Release Techniques do not require additional water source, liquid based techniques take double the posts (total) to sink into the ground or evaporate.
Sunny (Dice Roll 3) - Combustible Materials require 1-rank lower Heat based (Fire, Blaze, Yugure, Ghost Fire, Explosive, Atomic) techniques in order to burst into flames. Liquid based techniques take half the post (total) to sink into the ground or evaporate
Snow (Dice Roll 4) - Ice Release Techniques take double the posts to melt into water, Liquid Based techniques freeze instead of evaporating.
Windy (Dice Roll 5) - Area Concealment techniques such as Hiding in the Mist require 1-rank lower area clearing techniques in order to restore vision.

Special Conditions
Cloudy - Silence, Lost Sea (Dice Roll 1)
Humid - Damned, Paradox, Sheol (Dice Roll 4)
Heavy Rain - Thorn, Echoes, West Sea(Dice Roll 4)
Heat Wave - Ash, Shadow (Dice Roll 2)
Hail - Glaciers, Polar Sea (Dice Roll 2)
Fog - Torment, Eden (Dice Roll 4)
Dry - Graves, Madness (Dice Roll 4)
Thunderstorm - West Sea, Abyssal Sea (Dice Roll 3)
Volcanic Ash - Ash, Gehenna (Dice Roll 4)
Blizzard - (Futility) - Dice Roll (3)
Sandstorm (Anguish) - Dice Roll (4)
Rotating Thunderstorm (Lost Sea) - Dice Roll (2)
Tornado (Silence, Malice) - Dice Roll (2)
Hurricane (Lost Sea, Malice) - Dice Roll (5)
Tsunami (Lost Sea) - Dice Roll 3

Encounter Rate
When initially modding a topic you first roll to determine the type of topic (Travelling only)

No Encounters: 30% Chance (1-30)
Mineral Encounter: 20% Chance (31-50)
Enemy Encounter: 19% Chance (51-69)
Wild Animal Encounter: 15% Chance (70-84)
Group Enemy Encounter: 10% Chance(85-94)
Rare Item Encounter: 5% Chance (95-99)
Unique Encounter: 1% Chance (100)

Missing Nin however have to first roll, Hunter Nin, or T. Jonin who are apprenticed to Hunter Nin chance to determine whether or not they are being pursued by a hunter nin using the Awakening Chance Roll (1 = Hunter Nin in pursuit, 2 = Safe). This begins a countdown with the missing nin having to either finish the topic or flee/hide before the hunter arrives if they wish to evade capture or fighting. This occurs anytime a Missing Nin is either outside the Land of Madness, their Hideout, Base or Hidden Village as long as they are still Missing Nin and haven't been reintergrated into other factions.

Rank of Missing Nin - Hunter Rank - Time Till Hunter Arrives in Topic in Posts (Total)
D - N/A - N/A
C - N/A - N/A
B - T. Jonin/Centurion - 20
A - Elite TJ/E. Centurion (x3) or 1 Hunter Nin/Hunterian Primus - 20
S - E. TJ/E. Centurion (x5) Hunter Nin/H. Primus (x3) or S-Class H. N/H. Legionis (x1) - 15
Z - Hunter Nin/H.Primus (x5), Elitus H. Primus (x4) or S-Class H. N/H.Legionis (x3) - 15
X - E. H. Primus (x7), S-Class H. N./H. Legionis (x5), E. H. Legionis (x3) or Legate (x1-2) - 10

Difficulty of Encounter/Rank of Mineral
If an Enemy or Wild Animal Roll has been triggered roll again to determine the difficulty of the enemies (Missing Nin only) or dependent on the nationality of the PC. Use the Misc Rule enemy threat level to determine what types of enemies you wish to use. This is also used for rank of mineral if mineral encounter was triggered.

1-40 1 Rank Below the PC.
41-80 Equal Rank to PC
81-100 1 Rank Above PC

Pirate Enemy Encounter at Sea List
1-20 Merchant Vessel
21-40 No-name Pirate Ship (Increments of 4 Per Rank)
41-60 Bounty Hunter Ship (Increments of 1 Per Rank)
61-80 Privateer Ship (Increments of 5 Per Rank)
81-99 Buccaneer Ship (Increments of 2 Per Rank)
100 Named Pirate Ship (Increments of 3 Per Rank)
*Depending on the Sea the enemy encounters follow the multiplier below:
Northern Abyssal = 1x to No. of crew on Ship.
Frozen = 2x
West = 3x
Sky = 3.5x
Southern Abyssal = 4x
Rift = 4.5x
Lost = 5x
Ancient = 6x
Ancient Depths = 7x

Shinobi Enemy Encounter List
1-20 Bandit Encounter
21-40 Bandit Group Encounter (3 if D, 6 if C, 9 if B, 12 if A, 15 if S)
41-60 Missing Nin Encounter
61-80 Shogunate Encounter (Principales if D, Pilus if C, Centurion if B, Primus if A, Legionis if S)
81-99 Knight Encounter (Apprentice if D, Bronze if C, Silver if B, Gold if A, Platinum if S)
100 Awakened Missing Nin Encounter

Knight Enemy Encounter List
1-20 Missing Nin Encounter
21-40 Rebel Encounter (Dependent on Land either; Shadows, Glaciers, Torment, Ash, Silence)
41-60 Shinobi Encounter
61-80 Shogunate Encounter
81-99 Rebel Group (2 if D, 3 if C, 4 if B, 5 if A, 6 if S)
100 Awakened Shogunate Encounter

Shogunate Enemy Encounter List
1-20 Bandit Encounter
21-40 Shinobi Encounter
41-60 Missing Nin Encounter
61-80 Knight Encounter (Apprentice if D, Bronze if C, Silver if B, Gold if A, Platinum if S)
81-99 Missing Nin Group Encounter (2 if D, 4 if C, 6 if B, 8 if A, 10 if S)
100 Awakened Shinobi Encounter

Civilian Enemy Encounter List
1-20 Civilian Encounter
21-40 Bandit Encounter
41-60 Bandit Raid (5 if Novice, 10 if Apprentice, 15 if Adept, 20 if Expert, 25 if Master)
61-80 Missing Nin Encounter
81-99 Missing Nin Led Bandit Raid (1 Missing-Nin & 4 Bandits if Novice, 1 M. N. & 9 Bandits if Apprentice, 1 M. N. & 14 Bandits if Adept, 2 M. N. & 18 Bandits if Expert, 2 Missing Nin & 23 Bandits if Master)
100 Awakened Missing Nin Encounter

Type of Mineral
If Mineral Roll has been triggered to determine the type of mineral obtained must be rolled.

1-33 Metal
34-67 Plant
68-99 Gems
100 Other

Pirate Looting Table
To convert to Niikos, roll for finding xel and divide by 10.

1-45 = Niikos
46-60 = Niikos and Metal
61-75 = Niikos and Plant
76-90 = Niikos and Gem
91-100 = Niikos and Other

Finding Xel
Obtaining Xel while looting goes from 1-100

10 Xel (1-50) [D-rank]
100 Xel (51-75) [C-rank]
1,000 Xel (76-90) [B-rank]
10,000 Xel (91-95) [A-rank]
100,000 Xel (96-99) [S-rank]
1,000,000 Xel (100) [Above S-rank]

Shogunate get 1 Chance to Loot per topic
Shinobi get 1 Chance to Loot per topic
Missing Nin get 2 Chances to Loot per topic
Yakuza get 2 Chances to Loot per topic
Knights get 3 Chance to Loot per topic
Dobutsu get 3 Chances to Loot per topic
Pirates get 4 Chances to Loot per topic
Civilians get 4 Chances to Loot per topic

Carves go from 1-100

50% (1-50) [Grade I]
25% (51-75) [Grade II]
15% (76-90) [Grade III]
5% (91-95) [Grade IV]
3% (96-99) [Grade V]
1% (100) [Grade VI]

Small Creatures should have 1x Roll Multiplier & a D-rank amount per Carve
Medium Creatures should have 2x Roll Multiplier & 2 D-rank amount per carve
Large Creatures should have 3x Roll Multiplier & 4 D-rank amount per carve
Colossus Creatures should have 4x Roll Multiplier & 1 C-rank amount per carve.
Titanic Creatures should have 5x Roll Multiplier & 1 B-rank amount per carve.
*Note = If at any time the carves obtained are higher or lower than that which is available for a size of creature then it is a failure and the carve is lost.

Success Chance
Success Chance goes from 1-10 and is primarily used by Civilians when they are creating something.

As long as you get Equal to or below the number of the Roll it is a Success. For example if your success chance is 3/10 and you get a 1, 2 or 3 then it was a success, if you got four or above then it's a fail.

Different Classes have different results of failure:

* Weapon shatters during forging all raw materials are used up and ruined.
* Weapon breaks during forging some raw materials used up and ruined. Chance to determined ruined Raw Materials
- Novice 5 Raw Materials Ruined
- Apprentice 4 Raw Materials Ruined
- Adept 3 Raw Materials Ruined
- Expert 2 Raw Materials Ruined
- Master 1 Raw Material Ruined.

* Mixture reacts badly, all raw materials are used up and ruined.
* Mixture violently explodes, chance to salvage some of the raw materials using the Carve Roll.
- Novice to Apprentice 1 Raw Material Salvaged
- Adept to Expert 2 Raw Materials Salvaged
- Master 3 Raw Materials Salvaged

* Creature becomes unable to be tamed and becomes perma-savage.
* Creature attacks Tamer, but another taming attempt can be done if Tamer survives.

* Fail to Find Raw Material
* Break Raw Material while obtaining it, chance to extract some of the raw material using the Carve Roll
- Novice to Adept 1 or 2 Raw Materials extracted
- Expert to Master 2, 3 or 4 Raw Materials extracted

Enemy Roll Manipulation
* Roll Manipulation
- Spend 1000 Xel to add or subtract up to 5 to/from Enemy roll.
- Spend 10,000 Xel to add or subtract up to 10 to/from Enemy roll.
- Spend 100,000 Xel to add or subtract up to 20 to/from Enemy roll.
- Spend 1 Million Xel to add or subtract up to 40 to/from Enemy roll.

* Encounter Roll Manipulation
- Spend 1000 Xel to add or subtract up to 5 to/from final roll.
- Spend 10, 000 Xel to add or subtract up to 10 to/from final roll.
- Spend 100, 000 Xel to add or subtract up to 20 to/from final roll.
- Spend 1 Million Xel to add or subtract up to 40 to/from final roll.[/b][/b]


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Dice Rolls
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