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 Team 10: Baby Sitting (M)

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PostSubject: Team 10: Baby Sitting (M)   24th November 2013, 2:18 pm

Bishop slowly walked into the housing area, althoug today he was looking for a certain house in which he would baby sit some kids. The boy stopped in the middle of a street intersections and looked around in a confused manner before scratching the back off his head and looking over toward his puppet alex who was currently swinging around a pole without a care in the world. I think we are lost alex maybe when we made that left back there it was suppose to be a right?

Alex looked around for a moment before stopping what 'she' was doing and slowly walking toward bishop before changing direction toward a house cocking her head back to look at bishop. this is the house. Bishop would let out a scoff before running in order to catch up to alex just as the puppet made it too the door and gave a smal knock knock.

As the door flung open a petite women answered the door her hair blonde and falling shoulder length. She would scan bishop then the puppet before shaking her head, I hope you are the babysitter. The women said moving deeper into the house which was a nice size upon entering the door a large staircase could be seen and to the left and right two rooms could be seen but they were those hallway rooms that rich people had. where are the kids?. Alex said looking around the house her clothes billowing as she moved to the left and into what seemed to be the kitchen before spotting a small girl who was a spitting image of her mother, Hey there what are you up to youngster.

The young girl was somewhat creeped out by the puppet just up and taking like it was normal but after a while she began stuttering some words out. I-i-i, was getting some cookies see the young girl said holding her hand out too show the treats within her hand before running of into the living with alex following suit. The mother was already gone and bishop was currently looking through the house having went up the stairs to get a feel for size off the house bishop found out that these people were indeed rich as fuck. After a short while Bishop made his way down stairs and found the kids a girl and two boys and Alex was currently keeping them occupied so Bishop stayed in camouflage and walked toward the kitchen.

For the rest off the night Bishop roamed the house looking over the children while alex did most of the work, she had a very loving personality which worked well with kids after they got passed the fact she was a puppet. It was nearly time to leave and the kids where sound asleep with alex and Bishop now sitting and waiting for the mother to arrive. And just like that the door rattled and swung open the noise of bags and keys entering the house, Hello, anyone? The women said entering the house and too where bishop was. How was your night mam, the kids are alseep upstairs.

Bishop then left with alex walking down the street and into the daylight, What is next? Alex said looking over too bishop. Another mission.
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PostSubject: Re: Team 10: Baby Sitting (M)   26th December 2013, 2:44 pm

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Team 10: Baby Sitting (M)
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