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 Supplies Delivery (B-Rank Mission)

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PostSubject: Supplies Delivery (B-Rank Mission)   17th December 2013, 2:10 pm

Brolo had made a stop to his house from the Kage's Treehouse getting a backpack more suitable in case someone was to try and rob him of the medical supplies he was transporting to an outpost. Checking and making sure he was battle ready he would have his tanto sheathed hanging from his back, smoke bombs and a variety of projectiles with tags attached to them all over but mainly in his flak jacket pockets. He was now ready to start his travel as he did walking towards the out post, he knew the coordinates from what the receptionist gave him so he hoped for a successful mission. It was nice out today so he would take high grounds jumping tree to tree making his way all was good.

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Supplies Delivery (B-Rank Mission)
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