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 New Raw Material List

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PostSubject: New Raw Material List   29th December 2013, 3:07 am

Raw Materials

Raw materials comprise weapons, armor, puppets even consumables and as such are extremely essential to the site. While Shinobi are only knowledgeable on certain ones in order to purchase or assist in gathering, Civilians focus on locating, obtaining and manufacturing something worthwhile using these as their source. Most raw materials have properties which make them more valuable than others and that combined with relative frequency or how difficult it is to obtain, increases their value.

Key for identifying properties of raw materials.
(C) Chakra conductive
(N) Nen conductive
(H) Heat conductive
(V) Electricity conductive
(M) Magnetic
(E) Edible
(A) Amplifying
(F) Flammable
(R) Radioactive
(X) Explosive
(S) Corrosive
(P) Poisonous
(D) Physical Defense
(J) Pain Numbing
(T) Physical Damaging
(O) Chakra Destroying
(Z) Narcoleptic
(Q) Paralytic
(U) Hallucinogenic
(W) Liquid Absorbent
(K) Chakra Resistant
(G) Radioactive Absorbent
(B) Heat Resistant
(Y) Electricity Resistant
(L) Nen Resistant
(I) Intangible affecting - (For Entity, Prime & Cryptic usage)
(.) Adhesive
(!) Elastic
(?) Mental Resistant
(-) Lighten Weight
(+) Increase Weight

Variations, Mixtures & Alloys
Depending on the location and certain conditions such as pressure, heat, temperature and even time periods different variations of Raw materials can be found possessing some similar as well as even some completely different properties in comparison to the original raw material. Because of this they can be more or less expensive and are usually denoted by a color in front of their name to signify that they are a variation. Mixtures and Alloys are typically formed when combining two raw materials together and usually result in a stronger or weaker variant with a combination of some or all of the properties of the composites, certain raw materials have actually been singled out specifically for combinations while other are unable to be mixed with other things. This is specifically for Civilians only as shinobi can merely use chakra and fuinjutsu to result in new combinations.

*Raw Materials go by Grades, with the cheapest materials being Grade I with more expensive materials being of higher grades, the most expensive materials being Grade X.






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PostSubject: Re: New Raw Material List   29th December 2013, 4:16 am

Raw Material Information

While all Civilians can gather Raw Materials other than Merchant it is dependent on their rank as to what they can find.

Novice: Grade I
Apprentice: Grade II
Adept: Grade III
Expert: Grade IV
Master: Grade V

Merchants on the other hand can find higher grade materials as long as it is within their land of choice and within their focus (if applicable) outside of those land's of choice however they follow the rest of the Civilians in terms of gathering.

Knight - Can Find up to Grade I
Shinobi - Can Find up to Grade II
Soldier - Can Find up to Grade II
Pirate - Can Find up to Grade III
Dobutsu - Can Find up to Grade III
Yakuza - Depends on their Specialization

Creatures can be harvested for Raw Materials it also follows a rank system with different creatures providing different effects depending on the nature of the creature, when harvesting resources from a creature please register it in the item registration for future reference and so it can be assigned a rank. Note creature harvested items are unable to be subjected to tariff by others unless said creature is a subspecies.

Small = Grade I-II
Medium (S-M) = Grade I-III
Medium (L-XL) = Grade II-IV
Large (S-M) = Grade III-V
Large (L-XL) = Grade III-VI
Colossus & Above = IV-VII
God Beast = V-VIII
God Beast Sub-Species = VI-IX

All Raw Material types can be found in Every Land except Unknown, as long as you rp it out and at least allude to what your looking for, said gathering materials will be obtained accordingly.

Merchant - Can obtain 30 Raw Materials per topic.
Scientist - Can obtain 25 Raw Materials per topic.
Blacksmith - Can obtain 20 Raw Materials per topic.
Tamer - Can obtain 15 Raw Materials per topic.
Lord - Can obtain 10 Raw Materials per topic.
Scholar - Can obtain 5 Raw Materials per topic.
Pirates - Can obtain 4 Raw Materials per topic.
Knights - Can obtain 3 Raw Materials per topic.
Soldiers - Can obtain 2 Raw Materials per topic.
Shinobi - Can obtain 1 Raw Material per topic.
Yakuza - Depends on their Specialization but it's always Half of what a normal Civilian can get.


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PostSubject: Re: New Raw Material List   4th September 2015, 12:35 pm

Alloy Information

Alloys are determined by Ratio the metal with the highest ratio determines what type of Alloy it is an has the color variation placed in front of it's name. In the case of two or more metal types having an equal ratio then a new name specific to the alloy is question is allowed to be made & they are known as "Pure Alloys". Once an Alloy has been established it's base traits are recorded and all additional methods of smelting said Alloy to induce additional traits will be hidden until discovered by Blacksmiths. Additional smelting methods depend on the components (Ferrous = 5, Non Ferrous = 4, Liquid = 3, Precious = 2, Radioactive = 1 & Unique Metal Alloys have no other smelting methods). Pure Alloys on the other hand depend on how many metal components they possess (Di = 5, Tri = 4, Quad = 3, Penta = 2, Hexa = 1)

An Alloy's weight is determined by the Metal types it's components are divided by the number of said components that are in the alloy of the same type. (For example an alloy is comprised of a Ferrous Metal & a Liquid Metal, with a weight of 4 & 2 respectively. Due to the alloy have two components it would be 6/2 which would mean the alloy has a weight of 3.) Often due to this an alloy can actually be lighter than it's components yet having both of their traits hence the advantage alloys have over their pure raw material components.

Blacksmith's can make alloys which are comprised up to a set amount of metals which is based on their skill. (Novice = 2, Apprentice = 3, Adept = 4, Expert = 5 & Master = 6)

Current Alloy List
Pure Alloys:

Ferrous Metal Alloys:

Non Ferrous Metal Alloys:

Liquid Metal Alloys:

Precious Metal Alloys:

Radioactive Metal Alloys:

Unique Metal Alloys:
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PostSubject: Re: New Raw Material List   

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New Raw Material List
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