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 Land & Location Prices

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PostSubject: Land & Location Prices   7th January 2014, 11:24 pm

Land Name: Land of the Damned
Type: Country
Revenue Per Month: 90,000 Xel
Cost to Purchase: 9,000, 000 Xel
Additional Requirements:
*All Locations Must be purchased within Land prior to purchasing.

Location Name: Serenity Lake
Type: Wild Land
Revenue Per Month: 2,000 Xel
Cost to Purchase: 20, 000 Xel
Additional Requirements:
*Annexation Mission must be completed before purchase

Location Name: Highland Forest
Type: Wild Land
Revenue Per Month: 5,000 Xel
Cost to Purchase: 50, 000 Xel
Additional Requirements:
*Annexation Mission must be complete before purchase.

Location Name: Temple of Susanno
Type: Temple
Maintenance Per Month: 15,000 Xel
Cost to Purchase: 150, 000 Xel
Additional Requirements:
*Lord must convert to the Religion of the War God


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Land & Location Prices
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