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 New History

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PostSubject: New History   6th February 2014, 12:06 pm

AE = After the Event.  When the real world and Youkai Dimension combined.  

Shigakure:  Shijimakage Cassandra Duo calls for a full overhaul of Shi’s military.  She creates a militarized state, creating intense training regimes and battle tactics to make up for Shigakure’s small numbers.  Due to the Kukinorite and Juryoku clans’ abilities, Shigakure’s aerial division is rivaled by no other shinobi force in the world, establishing Shigakure as a true threat and superpower.  At this time ambassadors are also sent to Hakagakure periodically to negotiate an alliance.  Recently appointed Jonin Cyrus Nightingale leads a coup against Cassandra Duo alongside Akiba Kazama and Kiki Kura.  The coup is a failure, though Cassandra spares them all and reports it as nothing more than a training exercise gone askew.  

Gekikogakure: Deciding it is finally time to establish themselves as a true village, the members of the rogue organization Gekihen establish a hidden village of their own within the Land of Evil.  Though their numbers are small, under the leadership of Lilith Mikaboshi and her right hand Seth Ibwa, the village prospers.  Members Zoe Necrose, Lynx Shinto, and Rosuto Dokusei make the name of their village known, instilling fear in the smaller villages and unrest in the Big Six.  

Rest of the World:  As the year progresses, other alliances are rumored and enforced.  Ibaragakure makes a pact with Owarigakure, while the dying Kaosgakure looks for refuge and support from Jigokugakure.  Though slowly and quietly, sides are being made and boundaries drawn up.  The world is preparing for the Fifth Great Shinobi War, whether they know it or not.  

Hakagakure: In the first month of the year, the Alliance of Earth and Heaven is signed by Shigakure and Hakagakure, causing massive unrest in the world.  With their new alliance set in stone, it is decided among the elders that a Kage must be put in power for the growing Hakagakure to truly be recognized once again as a world power.   During this preparation and growth time, Sayaka Shishuin is sent out to assassinate Kohaigakure’s Jinchuriki, Rhino.  The assassination is a success and the Eight Tails is released within the village, effectively bringing it to the point of near destruction.  Sangil Shinto, successor to Xander Shinto and the claim of the Shinto Clan, is put in power as the new Kage.  His first order is the legalization of both polygamy and polyandry.  It is at this time that Sayaka Shishuin defects from the village for unknown reasons.

Kaosgakure: Even with their alliance with Jigokugakure, Kaosgakure continues to struggle.  Deciding that it was time for a new leader, Kazuki Gaiyo is dispatched to assassinate Shou Ti Chromatica.  The assassination is a success, with minimal damage and casualties, save for Shou Ti.  While the village works on strengthening itself and its connections, they elect not to put a new Kage in place until such a time that they are stable again.  Rising through the ranks rapidly, Obito Denkou is selected to become the next Yamikage at the end of the year.

Ibaragakure: Devin U. Arashi, daughter of Ryuujin and Lexiane Arashi defects from the village without a word.  Distraught over her daughter’s betrayal and unexpected defection, Lexiane leaves the village to bring Devin home.  Meanwhile, Ryuujin is left to deal with internal strife within the village caused by Devin’s defection.  He promotes Suo Verin to Head Medical Ninja in the village so that he might have a friend by his side during this time of strife and angst.  Surprised by Devin’s defection as well, Tetsu Kurogane, now the head of the Hunter Nin in Ibaragakure, sends Devin’s sister Saeko to bring her sister back.  While Saeko and Lexiane separately search for Devin, Tetsu takes this time to reorganize revolutionize the Hunter Nin program.  While Lexiane is searching for her daughter, she stumbles across an old foe, Saisho Kugeki.  By the end, Lexiane had been beaten within an inch of her life, but she was victorious.  They say that Saisho Kugeki’s blood was what gave the Land of Soul’s Grasslands its deep crimson hue.  

Hakagakure: Under Teresa Yaju’s leadership, the Yaju clan in Hakagakure rises to power.  Sangil Shinto and Teresa are also engaged at this time, uniting the two most powerful clans in the village.  At this time, the Alliance of Earth and Heaven make their first move, marching on Kaosgakure.  Initially made of mostly Hakagakure forces, the Reapers of Shigakure quickly back them.  

Shigakure: With Hakagakure and the Reapers marching on Kaosgakure, Cassandra Duo mobilizes her troops and sends them to Himeigakure.  With her forces divided, Cassandra Duo personally destroys Jigokugakure.  This act officially declares war on Kaosgakure as their only supporter is effectively removed from existence.  Cyrus Nightingale, assisted by Kiki Kura, meanwhile leads Shigakure’s forces against Himeigakure, easily crushing the smaller village.  The bulk of Shigakure then begins making their way towards Hakagakure to assist Hakagakure and the Reapers in taking Kaosgakure.  

Dipugakure: In the depths of Dipugakure, Felicia Shinu and her sister, the Jinchuriki of the Ichibi get into a fierce fight when Tatiana Shinu learns her sister’s intent to change her surname and overthrow the Shinu clan.  Eventually, Tatiana is defeated, her sister’s hatred being too strong to handle. Upon hearing of their daughter’s squabbles and learning the true nature of Felicia’s intentions, Hatarou and Savannah intervene to stop their daughter.  The whole of Dipugakure is nearly turned into a watery grave for its inhabitants, but Felicia once again prevails over her parents.  With her family defeated by her own hand, Felicia easily claims the title of head of clan in both the Shinu and Naito clans.  Under her leadership, the clans are joined together under a single name, Rikigaku.  Claiming her sister’s ideas as her own, and with the assistance of the recently promoted Abisukage Tayuya Toketsu, the Rikigaku clan flourishes.  As a final middle finger to her father, Felicia shares Shinu Clan secrets with the Hokkai Clan. Tayuya then brings Dipugakure into an alliance with Samuigakure in the north, known as the Frozen Sea Alliance. They take Gensogakure in five days, just two days before the New Year.  

Samuigakure: Leaving the smoldering remains of Jigokgakure behind, Cassandra heads towards Samuigakure after learning of their alliance with Dipugakure and their attack on Hakagakure.  Taking a group of Hakagakure shinobi from the siege effort in Kaosgakure, Cassandra leads a direct assault on Samuigakure.  Initially the assault goes well, with many Samuigakure Shinobi falling.  As the attack force nears the village, Stein Ibwa, Tayuya Toketsu, and her Sannin Colado Toketsu greet them. The battle is later inscribed in history as the Battle of Frigid Moon.  Overpowered, Cassandra is forced to retreat, though she brings back only a fraction of her attack force.  Tayuya and Colado Toketsu leave Samuigakure to assist Felicia in her naval siege of Hakagakure.  With Tayuya and Colado gone, Ophelia Rose kills the once immortal Stein Ibwa.  The resulting battle, known as the Battle of Bloody Skies, destroys Samuigakure and the survivors are forced to rebuild while their allies are left to finish a war alone.  

Hakagakure: Felicia Rikigaku is promoted to Head Nin in her village and instructed to lead Dipugakure’s immense village in a strike against Hakagakure while its main military force is preoccupied across the continent taking Kaosgakure.  On their way to assist in the siege of Kaosgakure, Cyrus Nightingale is warned of this incoming attack on their allies’ homeland and diverts Shigakure’s Aerial Force to Hakagakure.  The two forces are gridlocked in a stalemate for weeks before a successful covert mission is carried out by Akiba Kazama and Kazu Kurogane.  While Akiba and Yaju Clan members draw Dipugakure’s Naval Fleet’s attention towards themselves, Kazu Kurogane manages to sneak aboard multiple ships and plant explosives.  Akiba Kazama ultimately ends up sacrificing himself and is lost in the battle but not before Kazu manages to escape and detonate the bombs, dealing a crippling blow to the Fleet.  Felicia is forced to retreat back to Dipugakure after her most advanced ships are sent to the bottom of Hakagakure’s coast line.  

Kaosgakure: Hakagakure forces, combined with the Reapers of Shigakure, finally manage to take Kaosgakure.  Obito Denkou and his Sannin are executed the following day.  With Kaosgakure completely destroyed and the bulk of its citizens laying dead in its streets, the Shigakure Military leave, falling back to its own land, but leaving cells of Shinobi to finish taking the rest of the Land of Shadows.  

Hakagakure: The year is marked with the host of the Kyuubi going mad and unsealing the beast within the confines of Gekidogakure, supposedly killing everyone in the village and eternally irradiating the Land of Evil with its deadly chakra.  Though Xander Shinto had retired after his son had taken the mantle of Kage, he had been enraged when he learned that Dipugakure had attacked his home.  As he travels back to Hakagakure to assist in the defense effort, Sayaka Shishuin ambushes him in the Rocky Plains.  Sayaka unseals Isobu from his host, instantly killing Xander, before leaving for her next target without a second thought.  The old man died alone as the beast he had held inside him for years ravaged the country he had called home.  Meanwhile in Hakagakure, Sangil and Teresa marry to boost morale in the village.  Weeks later, Dipugakure returns with a repaired Navy and resumes their assault on Hakagakure.

Ibaragakure: Word reaches Ibaragakure that Lexiane U. Arashi had made it to Shigakure, seeking help and medical attention for her wounds, only to be cut down where she stood.  Outraged, Ibaragakure officially declares war on Shigakure for the slaughter of their matriarch.  The two armies meet in the Land of Paradox motivated by hatred and an unquenchable thirst for bloodshed.  The two superpowers wage war for months, their armies evenly matched and dead locked as the Land of Paradox becomes desolate of life.  When Dipugakure recedes from the war effort, Ibaragakure and its ally Owaarigakure are left alone.  Eventually the combined forces of Hakagakure and Shigakure are enough to push Ibara forces out of the Land of Paradox and back into their own land. There, Hope Tosul and Suo Verin manage to hold their country’s line, keeping the enemy out with the use of Suo’s Titanic Puppet.  The effort to break through this impeccable defense claims the lives of Kiki Kura and Cassandra’s own Juggernaut, Cadmus.  During this, Devin U. Arashi returns to Ibaragakure with Pyua Odaku, but the two are imprisoned before they are able to aid in the war.

Ryuujin U. Arashi joins the front lines along with his Jinchuriki Sylvia Hiyori who has recently mastered the Seven Tails.  Ryuujin, out for revenge against Shigakure for killing his wife, attacks the Shigakure forces himself.  Cyrus Nightingale is forced to intervene and fight Ryuujin alone, where he cannot harm the Shi forces. The two are even for a long while before Ryuujin gains the upper hand. Had it not been for the Yonbi's will to live, Cyrus would have died in the Battle of the Golden Sun instead of Ryuujin.  Meanwhile Wing had managed to subdue and kill Sylvia, though he had been separated from Cassandra when a band of missing-nin had ambushed them.  The missing-nin were the remnants of Gekidogakure, who had managed to survive the Kyuubi.  They had been given asylum in Ibaragakure if they promised to fight in the upcoming war for the village.  It took the combined forces of Lilith Mikaboshi, Zoe Necrose, Lynx Shinto, and Seth Ibwa to kill Cassandra, but they succeeded.  Cyrus, witnessing Cassandra’s murder, goes on a rampage through the Land of Forsaken, reducing the Thorn Forest to nothing but ash.  Crippled, Ibaragakure is forced to surrender.  

Shigakure: As Lexiane U. Arashi approaches Shigakure seeking refuge to rest and heal her wounds, she is attacked by members of Gekihen. Killed by Rosuto Dokusei and Saran Fushicho just steps away from Shigakure's front gates. The world assumes Shigakure cut Lexiane down instead of aiding her.  Word quickly reaches Ibaragakure and within the day, war is declared by the solitary village.   While Cyrus and Cassandra ready the troops to march on Ibaragakure, Cassandra learns that Dipugakure has resumed their assault on Hakagakure and orders her Reapers to lead an assault on the under sea village itself.  As Ibara and Shi forces clash in the Land of Paradox, the Reapers of Shigakure deal a finishing blow to Dipugakure forces, tricking them into a pincer trap and eradicating all but a fourth of their shinobi.  During the fighting, Colado Toketsu is killed and his cousin - and Kage - is presumed KIA, though it is never confirmed.

After the Battle of the Golden Sun and Cyrus’s rampage through the Thorn Forest, a peace treaty is called for between the three villages.  At the peace conference, much to everyone’s surprise, including Cyrus Nightingale, Cassandra Duo appears alive alongside her three juggernauts.  However, Hakagakure, seeing an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, takes this chance to turn on Shigakure as they sign the peace treaty with Ibara.  Sacrificing herself so that Cyrus and the Reapers of Shigakure might escape, Cassandra Duo holds back the Hakagakure assassins while the others retreat to Shigakure.  

Gekihen: As the newly appointed Kage, Cyrus readies his village to go to war with their former allies and avenge Cassandra Duo.  However, the remaining members of Gekihen begin systematically attacking both Hakagakure and Shigakure alike.  With both villages drained of resources and shinobi, the raids are a success and Gekihen cripples the only remaining villages on the continent.  Gekihen contacts the West Empire at the end of the year.  The Empire declares war on the broken and war-torn continent that is the Land of Beginnings.  

West Empire: Although no villages stand when the West Empire invades, a tentative peace is agreed upon by all shinobi.  For two years they fend off the West Empire from their home, but by 415AE, they finally submit.  Former Kages including Cyrus Nightingale, Sangil Shinto, and Ophelia Rose are all executed in front of their villages.  Their families manage to escape into hiding to avoid the same fate.  Figure head Kages are then put in place so the West Empire constantly has a hand in all the happenings of the hidden villages.  As the years progress, mass reforms sweep across the continent, establishing the West Empire’s religion and policies while the Land of Beginnings is forced to give up resources to its new rulers.  

West Empire: Coups repeatedly occur across the continent, though they are quickly put down and their leaders publicly executed to instill fear in the shinobi.  As the years pass, the coups become less and less frequent and people simply give in to their new overlords.  At the end of 450AE, the Shogunate Shinobi Academy is established in the homeland of the Western Empire.  Having their children forced to attend the Western’s own academy and learn their ways rather than stay in their home land to learn the Shinobi way is the final straw for the people of the Land of Beginning and most realize they are truly a dying culture.  

Civilians: With the rule of the Western Empire in place and the destruction of the Shinobi way of life, civilians in the villages experience an economic boom.  Entire systems are revolutionized and a consumer economy is quickly established throughout the lands.  Ex-shinobi begin working for rich civilians, self-decreed as lords and ladies who quickly take the place of the various lords in the lands.  

Western Empire: Current day.  It has been 150 years since the Western Empire’s take over.  The Hidden Villages are weak due to lack of funding and the outsourcing of missions to Shogun sponsored shinobi.  The civilian economy is in full swing while those loyal to the Shogun thrive; shinobi that still believe in the old ways must do so in secret.  There are rumors of unrest in the villages, desires to be rid of the Shogun once and for all and reclaim the lands their ancestors once called their own.  Still, others believe the Shogunate Leadership is the way life is supposed to be and they are content living such a way.  The tides are changing, sides will be picked, and borders drawn as the Shinobi World once again prepares for a bloody war.  A war fueled by hope and survival will be waged in the upcoming years, but which side will you be standing on?  

I've typed this up, with the help of Vix who provided me with important plot points. It's been in the staff lounge but no one has really said anything so I'm going to post it here. Before we put it into law, so to speak, I want the members to comment what they think and if they want something changed/their character doing something feel free to PM me and if it can work and fit in the history, I'll add it in. Please PM me though, don't post your desires for your personal characters in this topic. Use this topic to comment on the history as a whole.

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New History
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