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 Mishura Chapters

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PostSubject: Mishura Chapters   7th February 2014, 3:09 am

Tennin had been walking through the village pondering about his leaders abscence and that of Asura but then without warning he calls tennin up to meet. He had a lot he wanted to discuss with this mandate and soon to be war going on he had to be powerful and fast with training and his clan they should be good. He would wait at the gates with a piece of paper with the contents of his target. He made sure to stack up on supplies and everything he need even all his cel as they might get hungry. Being a book head the village looked different even the feeling, he would sigh waiting on his clan head to get there.Today is a good day wouldn't you agree? Tennin looked up as if he was waiting on a response from the gods themselves .


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PostSubject: Re: Mishura Chapters   7th February 2014, 11:28 am

Being the busy person he was he had been away for a while dealing with a political as well as minor details in his life his advisor's had reported to him that one of his elite had been assigned a high priority assassination mission he would already be waiting for tennis as he arrived at the hates from where he stood he could see that he had prepared for this the question on his mind though was a simple one could he handle this? But he would stop and join him appearing in a whirlwind of leaves grass and gravel yeah your right it is he would say behind his mask as tennin didn't know of his eyes yet he intended to keep them concealed for now he as wasn't sure what the reaction might be he himself would motion to tennin and began walking towards there destination. so how has your training come along?


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Mishura Chapters
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