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 Knightmare's Mission + Sine (travel)

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PostSubject: Knightmare's Mission + Sine (travel)   10th February 2014, 2:56 am

Travelling to Port Haku. 20 post topic.

Sine stood at the edge of the docks, looking at the water below, searching for a reflection of some kind. It was difficult, as at times, remembering his own appearance was a challenge, yet not completely impossible. "So, we shall need a ship no doubt. See any ships worth sailing upon? It could be quite a big decision if you wish, but for me, i don't particularly mind. But i'll have you know, violence would do naught but get me killed, so try to choose with this in mind, friend." Sine would turn away from the water, pulling his coin back out of his pocket, flipping it from one hand to the next, ready to place his wager that would reward him with a free ride, and perhaps a few things extra.

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PostSubject: Re: Knightmare's Mission + Sine (travel)   12th February 2014, 5:58 am

Sabin grinned when they had arrived at the docks, his eyes already scoping out the area for a decent vessel. If it wasn't for his enhanced hearing he would have been unable to pay attention to a thing Sine was saying, and couldn't help but start walking down the docks. The ship had to be small and fast, yet stable enough to handle high speed winds and possible tidal waves. Not to mention there had to be as few crew members as possible, didn't want to have any mishaps and have to deal with a bunch of dead bodies, and the blood. The thought of that sent a shiver down his spine as he walked along the docks. A few ships seemed to fit the profile that he desired, alas he was unable to ask the questions he needed answered. So he pulled out his note book and started writing down on a piece of paper. Once finishing he would turn to Sine, who he hoped was behind him, and gave him the paper.

How much cargo can your ship carry?
How many crewmembers?
How much damage can the ship withstand?
How fast is the ship?
How much?
And anything else you deem relevent for travel to port Haku
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Knightmare's Mission + Sine (travel)
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