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 Specialization Information

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PostSubject: Specialization Information   13th February 2014, 5:08 pm

One will notice how classes on the site seem to have limits on the max amount of techniques they can learn this is called their Jutsu Limit. Some ranks require one to maximize their Jutsu Limit before allowing one to qualify for things such as promotions. This is done by filling up the number of techniques one can learn at that current rank. However maxing out one's Jutsu Limit is not the end all in fact there are ways for shinobi characters to learn more techniques this is through Specializations.

Combat Specializations are only Available to Knights (Who get it from the start), Shinobi & Shogunate.

Current Max Limit Total of Techniques without any Specializations or Elite Ranks
100 D-ranks*
80 C-ranks
60 B-ranks
50 A-ranks
30 S-ranks
10 SS-ranks
6 SSS-ranks

45 D-ranks*
40 C-ranks
35 B-ranks
30 A-ranks
25 S-ranks
20 SS-ranks
10 SSS-ranks

60 D-ranks*
50 C-ranks
40 B-ranks
35 A-ranks
25 S-ranks
15 SS-ranks
5 SSS-ranks

* = Includes Passives and Racial Starter Techniques

Combat Specializations

By undertaking a specialization the shinobi is able to add to their max jutsu limit. Depending on the level the number of techniques varies, likewise depending on the type of specialist the number of techniques may or may not be limited to a certain type.

However the number of specializations a single character has is limited in addition depending on the rank of the character only a limit number can be picked but one has the option of waiting to choose said specializations as long as they want nor do they need to choose any specialization at all.

Rank & Specialization Slots Available

Fail Tier (Academy Student, Apprentice Knight, D-rank Missing Nin, Principales)
1 Specialization Total

Low Tier (Genin, Chunin, T. Jonin, Bronze Knight, C-rank/B-rank Missing Nin, Pilus, Centurion)
2 Specialization Total

Mid Tier (Jonin, Hunter-Nin, Silver Knight, Med-Nin, A-rank Missing Nin, Primus, Doctorial/Huntarian Primus)
3 Specialization Total

High Tier (Combat Med-Nin, Gold Knight, Sannin, Head Jonin, S-rank Missing Nin, Legionis, Doctorial/Huntarian Legionis)
4 Specialization Total

Top Tier (Elite, Chunin Instructor, Platinum Knight, S-Class H. Nin, Kage, Tribunis Legionis)
Word Count Required for Specialization Training is Halved

Legendary Tier [Flee on Sight Bounty] (Gokage, Cardinal Knight/Minor God of Pandora, Legate, Z-rank Missing Nin)
5 Specialization Total

Legendary Tier+ (Koikage, God of Pandora, Legate Legionis, X-rank Missing Nin)
Word Count Required for Specialization Training is Quartered

*Awakenings gives access to all your Specialization Slots regardless of Rank
* Secondary Awakenings give 1 Additional Specialization Slot
* Elite Ranks (E. Genin, Chunin Instructor, E. T. Jonin, E. Jonin, Knight Templars, S-Class Hunter Nin, Kage) all retain the maximum amount of slots are their normal variant.
*Awakened Elite Ranks of S-rank Level gain access to their 5th Specialization Slot, however that last specialization slot does not benefit for the Halved Spec Training Bonus that they get as Elites, unlike their Z-rank or higher counterparts.

There are three levels of Specialization Training
Basic = 250 Words
Advanced = 500 Words
Perfect = 1000 Words

*Specializations don't need to be trained in order UNLESS your a Knight of Pandora. This is due to the fact that they do not have to Max out before being able to spec train due to it being part of their ranking up requirements.

*In Regards to this, training Advanced or Perfect allows one to learn either the Rank of technique that specific one is for OR a certain amount of lower-ranked techniques using this key:
D - 2 D Per 1 C, 3 D per 1 B or 4 D per 1 A
C - 2 C Per 1 B or 3 C per 1 A
B - 2 B Per 1 A

Types of Specializations
Note: Specializations only apply to techniques above the cap. Those within the cap can be anything you want. In addition Specializations are the only way to increase your Jutsu Limit beyond the Rank caps.

Name: Pure Technique Specialist
Requirements: None
Sub Divisions: 6
Reward for Specialization Training

Name: Mixed Technique Specialist
Requirements: Must have the Pure Technique Specializations to Qualify
Sub Divisions: 6
Reward for Specialization Training

Name: Release Specialist
Requirements: Require the Chakra Nature Release of what is chosen
Sub Divisions: 6
Reward for Specialization Training

Name: Type Specialist
Requirements: Must have half of the technique types in jutsu limit at the time of specialization choice.
Sub Divisions: 12

Reward for Specialization Training


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PostSubject: Re: Specialization Information   12th February 2015, 4:42 pm

Non-Combat Specializations

In comparison to Combat Specializations these refer to those specializations which are useful outside of combat, providing a supportive role to classes, these are available to Yakuza, Dobutsu & Pirates due to all three having less of a focus on combat in comparison to Knights, Shogunate & Shinobi.

The Yakuza
Unlike Shinobi, the Yakuza are capable of tying into their Civilian brethren with their own specializations focusing on Civilian Professions. Each of these specialization slots are based on the following professions: Blacksmith, Scientist, Tamer & Merchant.

Specialization Slots:

Yakuza Specialization & Sub-Specializations:

Pirate Specializations are more closely tied to their position when on a crew. Pirates get Specialization Slots dependent on their notoriety and upon using these slots it determines exactly what type of Pirate they are and what techniques come easier to them as a result (Halved Solo, Dual, Team & Weekly Training in Specific Specialization). A Pirate is primarily known by the first thing they are unless they become one of the specializations which have requirements (such as Captain, First Mate & Second Mate).

Specialization Slots & Specializations Available:

Faunus have the option to use their specialization slots for something other than combat, namely their pet bonds. This refers to their networking, or rather their ability to get along with certain species of animals and creatures. By simply being in one of the 6 Tribes they are already friendly with normal Animals aligned to their tribe, while antagonistic to those which aren't, creatures however are typically gained through specializations. Every Faunus has particular creatures who naturally get along with them while all others aligned to their tribe are neutral to them only becoming hostile if provoked or hungry. This is due to Faunus having a connection to Gaia which make them allies with nature, God Beasts are the only exception as they are universally hostile due to Faunus being too tainted to retain said connection with them.

Specialization Slots & Specializations:


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Specialization Information
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