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 Sending Mail and Heading Home (MAIL/Travel Topic)

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PostSubject: Sending Mail and Heading Home (MAIL/Travel Topic)   13th February 2014, 10:49 pm

It was a day after Roxas had made it to Jigokugakure with the injured Uroktor. He had taken the poor creature to a vet immediately. Roxas never meant to injure the creature that bad. He was extremely worried about her, but he had managed to show it dominance. Hopefully, with time, he could make the creature into a friend of his. When he was told the price for the surgery he was in shock. Being at the Academy he had never had to pay for any medical help. He was short on the cash needed, but he had a plan to set things straight. But hopefully his cousin was in a good mood to help him out.

The vets said it would take about a week for the Uroktor to heal up. Roxas needed to head back to the Academy today so he decided to leave her here so she could rest. Roxas had paid them three thousand xel, partial payment. They wouldn't release her to him till they had the other two thousand xel, but they assured him he could pay for it later. In response to that he told them that if his cousin Jasmine came back and paid before him, then they could release the Uroktor to her. After talking it over a bit the vet had agreed to these terms and so Roxas had left for the mailing office.

Here he began to write a note, and got a box to mail his package. He carefully wrapped up the madness sword, placing it at the bottom of the package along with his chikuto blade and the nonferrous metal he had found on the ship. Then he began to write a letter.

[i]Dear Jasmine,

Hey, your cousin Roxas here. Things at the Academy is going well. I heard you finally started your business. Father told me about it. I hope things are going great for you. The exams are coming up for us Genin, so I've been making some preparations. And, well, I have a request. I recently tamed an Uroktor through showing it dominance. Sadly, I injured the poor beast and now its at the vet in Jigokugakure. I was hoping you could pick it up and pay the two thousand xel I was unable to pay. I'll pay you back with interest or whatever it is you wish. Also, enclosed in this package is a Chikuto blade i won off an opponent in some strange underground fighting arena, as well as a blade I took off a poor child. be careful of the blade wrapped up in the cloth. According to Tekio it will drive anyone that touches it into madness. So don't let it touch your bare skin. Also, I found this Non-Ferrous metal on my journey to Mt. Diablo. I was hoping you could use your wonderful blacksmithing skills to make some glorious from it. I don't know how much it will cost for this custom order, but also enclosed you should find one thousand Xel. Hopefully that covers the cost of the weapon. If not, then I'll also pay the rest next time I'm able. You know I'm good for it cousin. If your able to do this, try to come to the Academy in the West Continent. I'm sure with the Exams and everything going on, there will be plenty of people willing to purchase from you. As well as celebration parties that will surely happen to crown the new Chuunin. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun.

With Love,

Roxas hoped this would be enough and that his cousin Jasmine would come through. He hadn't seen her in a few years and so it would be nice to see her once again. After he enclosed the package and gave it to the delivery service, Roxas headed out of the building and looked out at Mt. Diablo. This was a beautiful place. But in the deadly way. Shigakure was much more peaceful looking. He loved both places. Maybe it was because he was a Kukinorite with some Kurogane blood within him. Or maybe it was just his personal preference. Either way, they were both great places.

And with that, the young shinobi left the village, taking his careful path down to the shore line where he would purchase another ticket and be off on his way on the ferry back to the Academy. The Exams would begin within the next few days. He had to pass it and meet his cousin as a Chuunin. Then he would be able to head back home to his village and introduce his new pet to the family, as well as begin practice on his dual roads. He already had four roads; Gaia, Flame, Wing and Over. Most of his clan worked on combining three roads. He would be the first to combine two roads. Sure they wouldn't be as powerful as the triple roads, but having two dual roads at his disposal would make up for it.

Though he was excited for the approaching Chuunin Exams, he was also nervous. Roxas admired his great grandfather Tetsu for the tales he had heard. But he hoped that he did not obtain Tetsu's streak at the Chuunin Exam. If Roxas failed his first exam like his great grandfather had, then he would be unable to go home for another year and would be seen as a failure of power. But he had to pass on his first attempt. He was apart of the Kukinorite's head branch, and a possible future heir to the clan. He had to show strength to lead not only his clan, but also to prove he was skilled on his path to becoming the Shijimakage.

After making it back to the Academy, Roxas let his thoughts settle before getting some well deserved rest in preparation for the exams. He would be ready when they arrived. He would pass and he would be proud to meet his cousin as a Chuunin. Hopefully he didnt jinx himself and end up failing.

OOC: Travel Topic from Land of Ash to West Continent. 1001 words.
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PostSubject: Re: Sending Mail and Heading Home (MAIL/Travel Topic)   23rd February 2014, 10:23 pm



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Sending Mail and Heading Home (MAIL/Travel Topic)
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