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 Mission - Complete

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PostSubject: Mission - Complete   14th February 2014, 7:08 pm

It was Madness, madness I tell you. Tumu had just been at the office and was soon to begin his seemingly empty mission, however, at some amazing turn of events, or rather, the turn of a page, it was discovered that the mission was no so blank, but in fact, a number of beasts had escaped captivity and were roaming the academy wildly causing mas property damage and student stress. What a pain, and who do they send to take care of it, the local school native. How stereotypical. Anyway, whilst reading this mission request brief, Tumu’s highly intelligent mind had snapped into place, and everything just seemed to click together, coming to a sudden realisation of impending doom. What would happen? Would the school explode? Would Tumu himself be destroyed? All of which very important questions. Tumu would be doing his drunk staggering run through the corridors and hallways of the academy, mapping his way around the school like he built the place, running directly towards the animals which were causing so much grief. Its horrible, dreadful, something must be done as soon as possible. He thought to himself while moving in a zigzag motion crashing constantly into the walls at his side, yet somehow never actually falling on his ass. The rampaging beasts were in sight just ahead, running towards the cafeteria at an alarming rate. Tumu on the other hand, ran straight past them, into the dormitory section and directly towards his room, crashing through the door with a bang, going to his draw and pulled out a flask, sculling it strongly. Whew, that was close, Almost broke my Cold Turkey Record too.

My god, his priorities were a complete mess, yet his heart was still somehow in the right place, sympathetic to the needs of the school…kind of. It wasn’t as though he didn’t care about the damage, its more like, he knows what is needed more in order for a greater success. Tumu was strapped in and ready to go, wearing his mission outfit, or his native clothes, whatever works best with the readers, his Sharp Shooter roped across his chest and he had nothing more, but a flask in his hand, and another bottle concealed within his clothing close to his chest. It was indeed a time of where much work will be required, best be prepared for the worst. Once he reached the animals, he simply sat back for a while and watched. The cafeteria was a mess, the tables flipped, chairs against walls, one somehow hanging from a ceiling fan. You’ve got to hand it to the goats, they sure do know how to cause a scene. Many ate the food available, while students jumped from windows, pinned themselves against walls, or as the braver students did, took their remains and left through the front door. Tumu on the other hand, sat cross legged on the counter, just analysing the entirety of the situation before he would properly engage in a strategy.

After a short while, if you switch the camera back to Tumu, you’d notice that he stopped paying attention, and simply began to drink excessively, finishing yet another flask, placing it back in into his sleeves before drawing out his sharp shooter, He’d make a weird sound, followed by another sound, then he’d wait, until from the corridor, another version of himself appeared, followed by around 3 wolves. The wolves would begin to run around, herding up what they can, whilst also barking to gain the attention, running them away. The two Tumu’s would be firing blanks, huge bangs ripping through the ears of all the super hearingly sensitive ears of each beast in the room. It was an easy task, one used a lot by the old cowboys of this land, or another, needless to say, its still effective, and any other shinobi would have done it in a similar way. Getting them back towards the pen and stables was easy after that, especially when your herding cattle dogs are bloody wolves, which prey of these creatures effortlessly, causing the fear of death into all of them, none would disobey. What a pain, and who do they send to take care of it, the local school native. How stereotypical. Once all the animals were completely sealed in their dens, he began to look around for the source of the disturbance, only to find none, they were intentionally let out of their cages, it was a test of whoever decided to take a mission today, mother fuckers.

Tumu appeared to be oblivious to the world around him, unaware of any situation, be it awkward, positive, negative or just plain dangerous. He can be seen as brave, or foolish in just about any circumstance. Yet, even in his shown stupidity which reeks from his body, he could outsmart just about anyone at this academy, and the best part of all that, no one will ever know what he is capable. He walked the corridors receiving the same sympathetic looks and glares, many despise him an a nuisance who causes nothing but a distraction to the ‘better’ students, an idiot who only just tolerated around here, yet he already knows more then some teachers, and has read almost every book in the library, he who has never gotten below 99% in any non-physical examination, yet not every is like that, some consider him to be quite entertaining, and this, this is true. Inakamono heritage is stronger then most, and their behaviours are legendary. Many may doubt his clan, as there are many falsities passing themselves off, but the true Inakamono’s never fail to please their crowds. He done a quite flip, impressing the other students in the courtyard, told a few funny stories, basking in their laughter, whether it be at or with him, it doesn’t matter. Alas, they were pleased, as so was he. He’d make his leave, heading towards the academy office, stumbling and laying across the desk once more in order to report his success and receive his reward. With this, he can buy more rum.

Word Count: 1017
Needed: 1000

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Mission - Complete
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