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 Onto the Land of Glaicers (Traveling/Training)

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PostSubject: Onto the Land of Glaicers (Traveling/Training)   11th April 2014, 8:03 pm

The Jonin exams, they were honestly fun, but disappointing at the same time. For Carmen, she was disappointed in the fact that one of her teammates got away. With the damn rules of the exam it was lucky that the option for forfeiting was there. If not Carmen would have killed both of her teammates and be completely satisfied. However she couldn't help but think could she have killed the one called Serenity. Originally it was her plan to get rid of Serenity before killing Edward, due to her believing that Edward would give her a better fight. Was that really the case though? Before Serenity forfeited she placed Carmen within a genjutsu. A genjutsu user, Carmen seemed to make the right choice in trying to get rid of Serenity first before moving on. With Serenity still alive and vowing vengeance on Carmen, she couldn't really risk a genjutsu being the thing that beats her, how would that look. Thinking, how would she deal with a rematch with Serenity. Damn how in the hell would she deal with such an annoying person. Ugh normal means of overpowering would not help with anything, so she might need to fight genjutsu with genjutsu. Tsk, Carmen's least favorite of the jutsu types which she would rather stay away from. However this wasn't simply a versus Serenity type of thing, Carmen had no means of dealing with the mental arts. Thinking about all of this was starting to make her testy and when that happens things tend to burn down. Yes it might happen regardless but with this she had a reason. Now occasionally when Carmen would get agitated she would return to the one thing that...that was it. Those songs, those most beautiful songs which happened to calm Carmen in her times of destruction. That was it again, use innocence to bring about destruction. Yes those songs happened to calm Carmen down but it never would stop her train of thought, so rather than completely shutting it down, she would bring her innocence upon her target's in the form of destruction, and slowly crush their minds. That would be a fair consequence for Serenity for running from Carmen's grasp. That made Carmen happy, now it was time to figure out how to truly make her new “invention” a weapon to those who oppose her. But how to go about that? Considering that her new weapon was considered a song, she would most likely stick to sound based genjutsu, something simple to her.

Thinking, thinking....wait. Those wonderful songs were never the same. Thinking about it, they all had different pitches, tones, frequencies, that was exactly it. The very fact that the songs were different was the weapon. Oh was Carmen happy as she thought about what to do with it. Speaking of which, attempting to combat Serenity with genjutsu would probably useless as she might have a few counters or be immune to it. That would have raised a problem as Carmen did learn of the Barrier tiers from her time in prison. Ugh, there just had to be some way around such a thing. Hell there were ways around all defenses, some by completely bypassing them to the most simple method of..piercing through them. Wait, that was it. Piercing through the mental defenses. Now how to go about it. Piercing through other defenses were simply but this one might be a little complicated. Hmm she would have to start with what was genjutsu exactly. They were mental based techniques which relied on abusing the target's senses. Wait that might have been exactly what she was looking for, the abuse of senses. Naturally when it came to using the senses, it would only be for an instant, but what if Carmen overloaded that sense. The overload would thus cause the genjutsu to break through the barrier to allow the genjutsu to affect them. Yeah that was good, and it wasn't a hard feat for her, just a little abuse of her now limitless blood supply, not really limitless but it won't really kill her if she decides to exceed it. Well now that, that was finished she would have to figure out what she wants to show within the genjutsu. To Carmen of course it would be something centered around fire but what specifically would it be about. Since the name is the Phoenix Songs, she might as well prey on that name. However this will be done while she is on the boat towards her new destination. It was no surprise that Carmen was currently leaving the Shogunate continent and heading towards the docks. Unfortunately there were only flames in the area Carmen was present, so as she ran, she slowly calmed down out of her Joy, such a waste of a raw power.

Arriving at the docks, Carmen wouldn't wait for a ride rather she would jump onto one man's boat, then proceed to steal it. Luckily the man wasn't there so all Carmen had to do was burn the rope connecting it to the dock off along with burning the anchor off, she wasn't planning on keeping this boat anyway. Setting up everything that needed to be done, she would set sail towards the Land of Frost. She didn't really now how long it was going to take but she knew she had time to think up a few songs. Laying down on the boat she would start to think about what she could do. Some time passed until she finally chose a starting point. When phoenixes are born, they are born from fire. So why not a genjutsu where, the target is engulfed in the flames which reincarnate a phoenix. That is a very good spot to start things, now where to take it. Maybe more fire was good, of course it was good more fire was always good. So engulf them all within a pillar of fire that was released from the nest. Hell it was a genjutsu so it could happen, well it really didn't need to come from the nest it could just appear, but if the first genjutsu was active then it could come from the nest. Yep that would do it.

That was two down, Carmen thought as she would feel the drop in temperature, a sign that she was arriving in the Frozen Sea. “Looks like I'm getting close.” She would say stretching a little, damn it was a good thing she was extremely hot blooded or this would be extremely bad. Now it was time to direct the ship. She couldn't very well set it up at dock, she actually could due to what just happened but it wasn't a very good idea, for her at least. No what she needed to do was find a place to relax and gather her thoughts, then gather some men. Thinking about it, she did leave Marissa in Kaosgakure, she could get her later. Marissa wasn't dying anytime soon considering she had a stronger type of immortality than Carmen did so it would be alright. And having a person already in Kaosgakure would make storming it a little easier when the time came. Now where to put this boat, sailing around the continent Carmen would start to feel some slight heat, very weird for this area. However if it was true, that would make a nice place to hang around, especially for Carmen. Continuing on her way to the heated area, she would finally arrive in that area. It was indeed a heated area and a most wonderful place to anchor a ship, if Carmen didn't happen to destroy the anchor. So she would just have to run it into the shore and keep it there. It wasn't her boat so she didn't really care as she did so and jumped off it once it was on shore. “Looks like I'll be hanging here for now. Well until I find Samuigakure. Shouldn't be all that hard.” Looking at the water, Carmen could see the silhouette of an object deep down. That must be the cause of the heat. It really isn't something to argue, she was just thankful.”Now I should start by preparing. There is going to be a war after what Kaos did, didn't think they had the balls to directly attack like that. But while the world is occupied by that war, I will make my move and start slowly conquering areas.” Yeah that would be fun, Carmen said as she sat on the ground and leaned against the boat. She should really get a better one of these. She might need to get a blacksmith under her control sooner or later. For now that wasn't important, what was, was getting in contact with Xan. He was an Ibwa, maybe he could give her a few so she could go wild with them. Luckily she had a few techniques to deal with immortals or trying to control them would be a difficult job.

Count: 1502
Traveled from West Continent to Land of Glaciers to Underwater Volcanoes

Trained for:
Phoenix Song – B-rank – 400 - done
Piercing Sound – B-rank – 400 - done
Burning Nest – C-rank – 200 - done
Erupting Blaze – B-rank - 400
Flame Craze – D-rank - 100

Total - 1500 words

Cannot train again for 5 days
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PostSubject: Re: Onto the Land of Glaicers (Traveling/Training)   11th April 2014, 8:09 pm

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Onto the Land of Glaicers (Traveling/Training)
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