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 To Greed (travel)

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PostSubject: To Greed (travel)   12th April 2014, 12:17 am

Okay, so he just escaped from the mansion castle thing which regal and Yvette have wasted years inside of, only to see it destroyed. Neo was now flying goku style on a little cloud, beside him was his stupid fango, and gliding beside that is of course none other then the amazingly sexy and perfect and cool and sexy? And loyal Kech. Kech, if you can believe it or not, took almost 6 months, to a year to actually tame, it was not compliant at all, espically considering the harshness of Neo’s taming style. Or rather, Kech was almost dead. Oh well right, it lived and now its better then ever, making friends and beating up bad guys all around the place like a joyful police dog. A hound with wings. While floating, Neo decided now would be a good time to get some of Fango’s blood, so he doesn’t end up killing it in one of his trances if his eye is ever revealed in combat. Speaking of which, his curse seal wasn’t yet released, and if he continued at this rate, he’ll be in his second, no third form in no time, which is of course bad, as he’ll go on a mini rampage. Oh well once more, life is life, but seriously, Neo just released it and continued on with style. A small pinch at fango’s skin with a kunai almost shocked him so much he fell, but its okay, the cloud caught him, and with a lick of the diamond shaped blade, his blood was rolling around Neo’s stomach, fusing with his body.

Now that that was out of the way, everything would and counld continue as per normal, sailin through the air like they were high rolling on the great blue sea, acting like Tumu back in his pirate days. Y oho shippidy dee. I could sing a song, but no, I must try to be professional. So there was a 3rd cloud floating with them, however no one was riding on it, strange right, no, its normal, cause that’s where Jax is sitting. “Neo fucker, where you taking us this time? I need to fucking bath in blood, hahahahahahahah.” He was a cold mother fucker, which is of course to be expected, after all, he is the spawned personality of the origin curse seal which has plagued poor Neo since his birth. I’ll e honest, I’m making some great ass progress with this story, only like 10 minutes in and aready almost at like 500 words, damn I’m good, but unfortunately I’m making an hugely excessive amount of mistakes, and the backspace is being used almost on an equal amount as the fucking normal space bar, incorrect.. Now back to the stoy at hand, poor young neo, would reply to himself. “We are going to greed, I’m going to pick up some new beasts to play with, and tame those to further my army along.” Jax would nod, smiling as he spoke. “So, we are in fact building an army then, good, I knew you’d see things my way eventually.”

“If we are to destroy the shogun, then yes, we will need an army, not to mention, your blood thirty nature needs to be quelled somehow, may as well do it to solve my own personal interests.” Again Jax would smile and nod. “Indeed brother, indeed” And with that, silence fell, besides the the occasional grunt and farts coming from poor like fango, who slept peacefully like a newborn on the softest bed known to man. A cloud was the ultimate source of comfort, and as such, it was the one thing which cannot be reached by most. Only those of the arashi can truly feel their softness, and Neo more so then most. Lacking in the Arashi clan elements and sub divisons, Neo was forced to rely on clouds alone, making his far more superior to any other of the clan, however, he will never truly be accepted by them. He’s an outcast, and it shall always stay like that. “Which way is Greed Neo, do you know?” Neo sighed, thinking about this for a minute. “I think its through envoy or something, I don’t know. Up. All I know is that its North of where with are now. North North East judging by the map” Ah yes, the map located in the top of the forum, only on the home page, right underneath the picture of the great Naruto uzik whatever his last name is. A hero who no one gives a flying fuck about anymore. Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh. Another paragraph to go.

Almost there, or rather, they just passed the border into greed, now the mission was to head straight to the greed central where the beasts of medium size can be purchased and tamed by the young Neo in order to rank up to apprentice, yet without a master getting from apprentice to adept is fucking annoyingly long and it will only get worse after that. Double no triple sigh. Anyway, a parade of badass mother fuckers flying in on pretty little clouds wasn’t intimidating enough, so just outside the centeral shopping location, they would all land, and walk in to eye off anyone who gave them dirties, Jax giving the worst looks, but no one could see him, so it doesn’t matter. From there, they would march right up to the beast tamers location in order to buy his two mounts from blah and b lah blah, who really cares, they look sick, and that’s all that matters, right? Time to get me some new pets to play with. Speaking of which, I need to start training the current ones, get them all up to S-Rank tiers to fuck around and beat the shit out of everyone they come in contact with. Booyah mother fuckers. Anyway, the two beasts he would buy offered great advantage in battle, explosive and scorch release, scary elemental natures which are devastating. It shall happen.

Word count: 1003
Needed: 1000

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To Greed (travel)
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