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 Get bigger (growth)

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PostSubject: Get bigger (growth)   12th April 2014, 10:03 pm

I feel sick, and I don’t really want to do this, but its for the best, and in my best interest, I shall go alone with all this crap. Okay, So Lets sit in the past, then head to the future kind of deal. No fuck that, lets just do it all in one day. Neo, after have spent around half a year treating and tending to the wounds of his poor, poor new beasts tetsu and mido, was well and truly on his way to becoming the greatest of all the tamers in the world, mount man is what he is now called, walking around with three huge animals all larger then any being, but then there’s that stupid piece of shit which looking like the fucking cattle food for the giant man eating frog. Fango, fucking bullfango is small, tiny and nothing but a side snack for the rest of the group. It doesn’t have any change of earning respect like that. So what we need to do is go through evolution. It’s a lot like Pokémon, where you give it enough experience and it’ll suddenly turn into a magical white ball of fluff, the music will change to the whole, der der der der der der der der der der. Know what I mean? Well yeah, we are gonna do that, to turn Bullfango into a Bulldrome. Which is exactly the same, but bigger and badass ier. This should making him look like a tough mother fucker, and won’t be dropping poor Neo’s Rep.

Now I know what your thinking. You Neo, Cola, whatever I call you, how are you going to make a monster hunter Naruto Beginning creature digi volve like a pokemon, easy, give it some xp man, just like you would in the game. SO, Neo, cola, whatever I call uyou, are you like gonna make it get into heaps of fights to gain some XP. No that cruel and unnesccary. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is a fucking Q & A paragraph about the process of making things bigger by performing a 1000 word count down fill with nonsense, bullshit poor grammer see no commar, and bad spelling, why? Because it am typing too fast to understand or comprehend my mistakes as I don’t erally give a fuck, I’m just trying to get this done a s a p. See what I did there, extra word count for sdoing just jack shit. Next question. Cola, your so sexym how do you do it? Smell. Girls have a very strong sense of smell, as as such, mking sure you smell nice is crucial. Match your deo and your col, but don’t put on too much, and make it situational. Citris for the day, and sex for the night. New question. How will you give the beast XP. Well good question Cola, you see, I’m going to have a game with it, and the game will be loads of fun, this will build up all the skills needed for a growing little boy.

“Let the games begin” announces the game host announcer, as Neo, Jax, Mido, Tetsu, Kech and Fango appear from a curtain, a red velvet curtain, in a huge collesium area type of thing, which lots of people all around, watching, pointing and laughing cause Neo is naked and his penis is too small to be seen by the crowd. Oh well right, you got it, its what you need to work with, so own it. Neo bowed like the man he is, showing his ass off to the crowd. Now onto the games. The first challenge. Fango must do hurdles. There were four hurdles. 1 inch. 3 inches. 6 inchest. 1 foot. He stepped over them to get in. Give him a round of applause for this amazing jumps, so graceful, like a bird flying through the sky. 2nd event. Eating a plant. It was about 6 inches high. He gulped it down with one go. What a fucking champ this little fango thing is. Obliterating everything in its path. The 3rd and final challenge needed to gain the evolution XP, is of course, mating. A sexy female Bullfango, which most likely has its own name somewhere along the lines, came out into the arena, doing a little dance for the now turned on audience, before turning its back towards Fango, and dropping its font legs, sticking its ass out seductively. And with that, Bullfango went to work, doing it bull style, similar to dog style, but for bulls.

Mid way through, he evolved, splitting the poor girl in half as he quadrupled in size. But that didn’t stop him from finishing it off. Anyway, with him now fully grown, they were ready to leave, everyone piling up on the new partner, who name shall be changed to Bull. Anyway, I’m getting sick of writing up all this shit, so I’m just gonna finish by saying some stuff about how they went into greed and started rolling around like absolute badasses with their big ass crew. Neo had to go into his 3rd curse seal state in order to replicate a black Hulk, leading the pack as the streets cleared out before them, no one daring to get in their way except for a group of thugs who thought they were badass. One each. Kech turned his into paper in exactly 0.2 seconds. Mido’s was a semi dried tomato in 0.7 seconds. Neo ‘s opponents head suddenly disappeared in an instant, obliterating from the pressure of neo’s aura. Tetsu ate his opponent. And finally there is the little fucking, no wait, he evolved, big fucking Bull, who sat on his opponent by mistake, crushing him like he was a grape. Without even stopping their strut through town, the group moved on, well except for Bull, who was rubbing his ass on the ground to get rid of an annoying itch which has been bothering him sicking fucking the dead girly bull.

Word Count: 1003
Needed: 1000

Bullfango evolved into a Bulldrome.

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Get bigger (growth)
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