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 Dipu onboard training [solo/duel]

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PostSubject: Dipu onboard training [solo/duel]   18th April 2014, 2:37 pm


The night seemed to be clear as the Dipu trio travelled by boat back to the home land, stars shimmering like little diamonds over a blanket of darkness. Their boat seemed to slice through the water's surface, seemed everything was perfect for the time being, even the threat of war didn't seem to matter. Except maybe to the Jiko sitting next to a row of coffins within the ship's cargo deck, he really wasn't concerned about the war in particular, more or less thinking about how much the world will change due to it. Not much when you really think about it, the wars of man kind have been around since their creation. Hell his entire race was made in order to fight in frivolous conflicts, something that they would deeply regret in the future. Feeling restless with these thoughts in his head, Ka stood up and walked out towards the deck to get some air, maybe more. Once up top, Ka noticed a few spot lights shining out towards the distance. With a grin on his face he removed his fuuma shuriken from his pack, then looking out towards the light in the distance he would run towards the ships edge and threw the projectile as hard as he could. He would watch as the shuriken seemed to curve through the air, and apparently it would decide to make it's way back towards Ka. Really wasn't something that he was expecting, but none the less it was much appretitated, saved him the swim to retrieve it. Ka wasn't really paying attention to the shuriken as it passed by him and was stuck in the ground just behind him. Have to remember to pay attention when using this attack, can't use it stupidly and lose a limb. After picking up the shuriken from the deck of the ship, then a thought would cross his mind as he put the projectile back in his bag. Definatly something he would have to bring up with the crew later.

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PostSubject: Re: Dipu onboard training [solo/duel]   19th April 2014, 6:45 pm

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Dipu onboard training [solo/duel]
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