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 A Man's True Anguish (Travel Topic)

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PostSubject: A Man's True Anguish (Travel Topic)   23rd April 2014, 9:20 am


Ace ran threw the fields of grass, takign his time to keep silent and stealthy. he smiled as he moved, his money bags full and his side weapons ready for use. He laughed gently before making his way toward the border with Zeta. As he got there he stood up straight and smiled. "Wow.... its ben so long since i was outside the academy, and its my first travels as as a blade. "I cant mess this up." He said to himself as he made his way into the land of silence. Ace sighed as he sat on the wagon, it was a small wagon, just big enough for two people to sit in the front. The back was full of chicken cages and bales of hay. He smiled gently as he moved his legs back and forth as the wagon moved. He had been gone from the Academy for about a day now already crossing the sea, he hoped Frost wasn’t being too rough with his ninjas. He smiled as he popped a sweet candy into his mouth. As he did, he felt the air grow slightly hotter. He looked around and a slight sulfer smell was in the air. “Ether someones making big batches of explosives, or im near a hot spring.” He smiled and giggled, his trunks bottom hugging him gently as he chewed on some cherry flavored clay. “excuse me sir, how much longer till we get to the village of Kohai?”

The driver of the wagon said something of a few days journey. “Ah, okay, Thank you very much.” As the wagon passed a small group of trees, a man stepped out from the shadows. The man was a little over two meter long with a massive sword on his back a couple of small containers on his body hiding more items. A long scar could be seen from his right side of the face running downwards through the face, neck and into his shirt, it had been a fatal attack that he somehow had survived. The man didn't seem to be a ninja, however the muscles indicated that he was not only strong, but agile too.

You're now under our custody, young Blade.

The man said with a dark voice that echoed through the land. A small wind passed them and made his cape go to the side, revealing a couple of small knifes at his belt.

If you resist, you will experience pain, and that man will die.

His hand wandered to the sword and grabbed it gently, as he wasn't drawing it, but prepared to act just in case. When he had allowed the kugeki to grasp the situation, the man reached down into one of his pockets and pulled out a pair of handcuffs which he immediately threw towards Ace. They landed within a feet from his legs and he was able to see that if he put the handcuffs on, he would have a really hard time getting them off, they were excellent crafted.

Ace have had experience with bandits before. But none as bold as this. Young Blade he may be, he was not inexperienced. He wanted to hold him hostage. He smiled gently, crossing his legs to speak. His hand picked up the hand cuff and spun them around his finger smiling. His eyes fixed on the man before him, the sword was large, and something had have to keep in mind. But the young Blade smiled. “The fact that you know im a Blade even before it’s been announced means there’s a mole in my circle. Thank you for that information.” Ace smiled and placed his hands behind his back as if he was going to hand cuff himself, but he simply weaved some hands signs, making it seem like he was putting the cuffs on.
He smiled as he activated the jutsu he laughed gently, being only 6 meters from the bandit; he was well within his range. He smiled. “I must warn you, my clan specializes in a special bred of fighting.” He smiled as he pushed his chakra out, to affect the bandits mind. “Others call it Necrotic, but we, we call it Genjutsu.” He smiled, hoping the bandit had never faced this tech before. But just in case, he was also infusing the piece of gum he had been chewing with D rank chakra.

Ace was shocked that the man could simply shrug off his technique, he was a master of the phantasm art and that usually didn’t happen. Who ever this… giant was, was a very strong opponent. He had also not been expecting the Kohai to be working with the giant. He did have a mole in his system… if he made it out of this he would have to fix that. But he looked at the odds, out manned and obviously over powered he sighed before taking the hand cuffs and looking at them. “Before I do this that man needs medical attention. He has a life of his own and my stupidity shouldn’t cost him that. Ill go with you, but only if you fix his wounds and let him go on his way. Please.”

Ace shook gently, his eyes down cast, showing himself as weak. He…he had failed as a Blade, he was worthless. What blade couldn’t even defend himself. He stared at the ground, his hands shaking as he did. He waited for a response from the Bandits. He would go with him, but only if that man got medical help. If the man survived… maybe… maybe he could get some help. But he hid his small sliver of hope by turning his eyes down, to appear as though he had given up hope.

You didn't follow the orders he gave you, and that resulted in this man's death.

A young woman voice said as an answer to Aces request, and he was able to see that the man didn't have many breaths left until he would fall into the eternal darkness. The seats on the wagon had been covered in dark and thick blood which forced a metallic scent into the air. Ace was able to hear that the woman took a deep breath and a pleasurable sigh could be heard from behind the mask, as if she enjoyed the moment way more than she ought to have. Her free arm made a slow motion leading towards the mask while she got a firmer grip on the sword pointing on Ace's kidneys.

Finally I can loose this stupid mask. First stage is finished after all, I'll be a Kohai genin next right?

She seemed to ignore the fact that Ace could hear her and she removed the mask without hesitation. She was 18-20 years old with dark brown hair and brown eyes, her figure was rather normal and her traits fitted most of the common Kohai members. The large man just nodded and started to walk closer to the others, still with his hand on the big sword and a cocky smile on his lips.

You're not really in any situation to demand us little shadow, and despite that, the man is dead.

The second the giant finished the sentence, the driver took his last breath and his eyes got still and cold. Before Ace knew it he woke up in Kohaigakure in the kage office, he must have been drugged or took a long nap during his travels. Oh well he made it and was happy he could make this journey alone even though he had another two blades heading this way, he would head to the nearest training ground to get this phase in his life started.

Traveling From Academy to KOHAI
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A Man's True Anguish (Travel Topic)
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