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 Why walk? I can Fly (Travel Topic)

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PostSubject: Why walk? I can Fly (Travel Topic)   27th April 2014, 8:26 pm

It was so nice. The temperature of the water was just right, a bit too hot at first but as he submerged his body in it's depths and time went by, the hot springs had worked their magic. He could feel all the stress and strain seep from his body, like the very steam that rose from the water. The Mishura soon fixed his upper half along the edge of the spring, and folded his arms on the polished lava rock floor before using them as a pillow for his head. Ahh~ Man I missed home so much. The academy can't compare with my village's hot springs.... Soon he was fast asleep, the warmth of the water and how relaxed he felt combined to make him drowsy. A little nap wouldn't hurt, that is as long as it was short. If it were to lengthy he'd awake to his body being all pruny. Nobody wanted that.

The glasses he had started to wear were folded and placed before him. They weren't for loss of eyesight or anything, he had just taken to wearing them for reading purposes. Being a player of the game chess, Haru often read up on the strategies and moves to better his own skill. A relaxing and peaceful fifteen minutes would pass by before the ground would shake, so much so that his glasses began to wobble about. "...Mnn...chill it...all I...need...five more minutes~..." The quake grew more in ferocity as if it had heard him and did so just to piss him off. Slowly and reluctantly his crimson eyes opened to see his glasses shaking and moving across the floor before him. "Wha...?" Then it hit him. "Ah, an earthquake!?" He'd quickly grab his glasses and leap out of the bath, before snatching up a towel off the ground from amongst all the other bathhouse accessories that had fallen. As he did this the earth would cease it's tantrum and become still once more. Hm? It stopped. I should take a look outside to see if anyones hurt or something. After wrapping it around his lower self, Haru would proceed to pass the welcome desk and walk outside. "Ah! Sir your clothes!" Would come from the lady at the desk as she disapproved of him walking outside half naked. Wierd. One would think she'd be in a more panicky state and that what Haru wore would be the least of her worries after an earthquake.

The moment his soaked feet touched the ground outside the bathhouse, he was bombarded with it. The screams, the explosions, and the burning of everything around him. How was he unaware of it all? More importantly, how was all of this happening? Who was responsible? Looking on at the destruction of his village, as buildings crumbled, fires roared, and then he noticed something familar amongst the light from the flames. As a Kaosgakure shinobi was struck down atop the rubble, the Mishura saw the symbol of the Shogun. "Why are the Shogun's forces here?!" He wanted to stop this, in his left hand Mini King began to take form, however just before he was about to take off someone took hold of his arm. His head would jerk to look at who would try and stop him. Those crimson eyes of his would land on the woman from the bathhouse, whats more she was grinning devishly. Why? What about all of this would make her put on such a face?! Then her lips parted and spoke, the words said lit up his eyes and froze the Mishura. What followed was darkness...

The crimson orbs awakened to a view of a dark brown wooden ceiling and his ears would catch the sound of waves along with voices from above. "Uhgh..." He murmured as he tried to sit up straight whilst placing his left hand on his head. Yet, in doing this he noticed something was weighing down his right arm. Looking to see what exactly was doing so, the first thing he saw was the tribal flora tattoo on her shoulder that's vines and petals ran down to her lower back. At the moment her long dark rosy hair hid most of it, but he remembered seeing it all last night. Next was her nicely developed bosom, which brought about a light blush from him. She held tightly to his arm or rather her pillow. Her light brown skin was very smooth and soft, looking at her sleeping form she looked so gentle. But Haru knew this was far from the truth, she was the beautiful and deadly captain of the ship he was on. Plus anyone who would've lay witness to their lustful activites last night would know she was very...aggressive. The Mishura would smile before gently lifting her up and sliding his pillow beneath her. As he got out of bed he'd search the room for his clothes which were scattered about along with her on. Each time he saw a piece of her clothing he would reminisce her stripping, which kept making him ponder why he was leaving in the first place. After a few minutes he was fully dressed along with the two kiba blades strapped to his back, save for his tie and mahogany hued blazer that held folded over his right arm. Lastly he found his glasses and put them on, before putting the back of his silver hair in a small ponytail. He looked much like a young professor or scholar, moreso the prior. Though he was only sixteen.

Before leaving the room, Haru would walk over to his lover for the time being and place a kiss on her lips for, what hopefully wasn't, the last time. "Laters Melanie-chan, I had fun." Making his way upstairs he would push the door open to be blinded by the light of the sun. To which he responded with by blocking it with his hand. Hah, note to self...get a pair of shades. After his eyes would adjust to the light, Haru would walk up on the deck. Taking a look around at the sky and sea as well as averting his eyes from some of the hatin' glares of the men in Melanie-chan's crew. Well until he waved goodbye to them all, mostly the few women who were on board, before he'd begin to float into the air and fly off towards the Land of Anguish.

Having the ability of flight was so convenient, he didn't have to worry about anything obstructing his path. As he flew over the Land of Beginnings, his mind wondered back to that dream he had. His facial expression becoming more serious and a bit worried. He had already settled on the decision he made. So why was his mind like this? Deep inside...was he still unsure? The words of that woman echoed in his mind. "Traitor, you knew this would happen, you wanted this." He didn't want any of that to happen. She's wrong, I just chose the best choice to become stronger for my village. Debating on his choices distracted him from flying, so in time he began to lose altitude and get closer and closer to a forest beneath him. I know exactly what I'm doing. So theres no need in having doubts now. I'm not a traitor. Focusing on the task at hand, he caught himself a few feet from the forest's surface and proceeded to burst off, breaking a few branches in the process.

♠ Two hours Later ♠

"Hmm, wonder if I took too long to get here?" He said as he landed on the floating temple in the village of kohaigakure, and took a look around. At the moment, he was wearing his mahogany blazer and tie along with the rest of his attire, having grown tired of carrying it during his flight. "Hmm, okay first thing to do is meet up with whats-his-name. I think he's already here or atleast he should be. " He'd say before jumping down into an alleyway and then exiting it to casually walk in the street.

Travel from Academy to Kohai

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Why walk? I can Fly (Travel Topic)
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