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 Lost in Madness(Travel)

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PostSubject: Lost in Madness(Travel)   3rd May 2014, 10:06 pm

What the hell was going on now Taishoku woke up and when he rose to his feet didn't see Arikiko at all, he was sleeping beside some road. When they had arrived Taishoku had thought this place was the land of silence but it wasn't, it was the land of madness, the had meet someone who told them this wasn't the land of silence. How Taishoku got separated from Arikiko was a little bit fuzzy so he didn't even try to remember the reason or how they got separated.".....He would probably meet me at the meeting place...Well i think he will." Taishoku says as he begins to walk  in the direction he believed the Land of Silence was. Taishoku had a bored expression on his face as he walk, taking his gourd from his back and bringing the thing to his side. The thirty kurogane would look around as if he was in a town with people and then take a sip from his gourd. The only reason he looked around was it wasn't really normal for someone to drink from a kurogane's gourd, as it only held blood. But shit he was thirty and wanting something to quench it.

The kurogane would continue to walk, seeing nothing ahead of him but barren and plain land he would sigh. It probably would've been fun if he had some company. It seemed when Taishoku went on journey he got lost or got split from someone he was with, and that confused him greatly. This never happened when he is tracking someone or thing, just only when going to point A to B. "Man this is fucking boring!"Taishoku says as he puts his gourd back on his back, a displeased look on his face. This land was boring as hell, but that was probably because of the things that have taken place here. This god forsaken land was know to harboring many dangerous creatures and also a safe haven for countless missing-nin. And not to mention this is a prime theater for war. Taishoku would giggle as he realized this place was going to be another theater for war in the upcoming months or weeks.

As Taishoku walked he also realized how he was separated from Arikiko. Taishoku wanted to check, well scout, out the area after finding out it wasn't silence. And he did this by flying and then took a little nap instead of meeting back up with Arikiko. This was a reoccurring habit of Taishoku recently, as he would always seem to take a nap for no reason while he was doing something. But that was probably due to him having his animal spirit be a lion. And now that Taishoku thinks about it he has always just took long naps for no apparent reason. But Taishoku would just shrugged his shoulder at everything he just realized because all of that didn't matter right now. As he walked he would start thinking of things he should do to pass the time and only one thing came to mind...singing. What better way to ease the boredom then sing a good tone. But Taishoku had a problem he hadn't sung before in his life, but fuck it.

It took the might kurogane to think of a song to sing, but he honestly couldn't. As he continued to walk on this seemingly never ending road he would finally figure out what he would sing. He would faintly remember the words to a song his mother used to sing to him as a child. And since he faintly remember it he decided he would hum parts of the song he knew  until he remember how the rest of it went. He wasn't embarrassed as he did this because no one was around to see him, but he still wouldn't really be embarrassed. All might warriors of Haka know how to sing or at least hum something. Taishoku would be humming for about twenty minutes before he remembered how the song fully went.

Now it was time to sing thought Taishoku as he took in a deep breath and was prepared to sing to his hearts content.But as he sang he didn't hear his voice but he remember the voice of his beautiful mother singing this to him, and also a time when she sung it for the whole clan. As he continued to sing and walk a large smile would come across his face. He loved his family no he loved his clan so much that it made him happy as he thought of the good times with them. Especially when some of the members would sing in front of everyone when they were having a banquet or celebrating some holiday. To Taishoku his clan was one of the best that was every founded and still active in the world. If Taishoku remembers it right his mother sung this song when one of the clan members died from something. But it wasn't to make everyone even sadder but to lift up their spirits and to not be so down and out. Taishoku would stop singing as he had finished the whole song a couple times, his smile still on his face. The memory of his mother singing that song brought great joy to him and completely got rid of his boredom, which wasn't an easy thing.

But as he continued to walk this time in silence he started to think back, way back, to find memories of time he had with his father. Taishoku as of now was young and it shouldn't be hard to think back to times he had with his father, but it was hard. Because he was trying to find good memories he had with him and not the bullshit ones. Finally he remember one and it was a good one. Taishoku remembered a time before he went to the academy to become a shinobi, approximately one year before going. But Taishoku would stop thinking back as quickly as he started, he needed to focus and not think about the good times he had with his father. As because in the near future he would have to put those memories aside and handle his business. He would stop as he made it to the end of the road, and noticed the land had changed. He wasn't in the land of madness anymore, but in the land of silence." I will wait for him at the meeting point." Taishoku would say as he would create wings and fly off into the direction he thought the meeting point would be.

1099/1000 words

Land of Madness to Land of Silence

The song:
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PostSubject: Re: Lost in Madness(Travel)   4th May 2014, 7:00 pm

Admin Post: Traveling being continued due to modding reasons

The floating islands known as the Land of Silence. It was really a marvelous sight that defied the very laws of gravity. However that is not the point here as one's focus should be brought towards the Island Forest, to the west. Why, because a large blaze would just erupt from there. Even though war has not broke out yet, some attack was occurring. So far only Taishoku would be one to notice and it would be his decision to investigate it or not. However if he chose not to and to bring reinforcements, by the time they would make it, whatever was happening may be over.

OOC: If choosing to investigate make post in Island Forest, if not then just say so.
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Lost in Madness(Travel)
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