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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 training regiment(Castus hokkai)

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PostSubject: training regiment(Castus hokkai)   11th May 2014, 5:40 pm

Training for:

lipping through the air was fun and all but at this height one could only see so much, Castus would touch the ground expand buldge then crouch now 10 feet tall his normal size when not suppresing it, he would push off the ground once again this time soaring high into the clouds utilizings strengths somwhere in the range of A or B rank. In that last jump he had heard quite a bit and would think as he soared through the sky the academy now in view the battle still going on one could tell, the black smoke in some sections showing a still blazing fire and in some sections there was white smoke possibly areas where the shogunate managed too win. But no one had followed our way, at least from my point of view they could be hiding.

Castus would soar down in a dive looking over valen before aiming too tackle him but before he hit the ground he would land, crouch, pivot then grab Valen by the throat now standing on the back of the boys summon in his normal size he would chuckle with it aimed at valen while simply holding him in the air by his collar now. You know i planned on joining that organiztion too, i wonder if you have what it takes too be a demon. Castus would look him in the eyes for a bit before giving a small smile dropping valen. Your will be my rival. And i plan too be a jounin by the end of this war. Castus would not let the words linger instead he would do a small jump of the back of the summon then look at King.
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training regiment(Castus hokkai)
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