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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 Back to Souls (travelling)

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PostSubject: Back to Souls (travelling)   14th May 2014, 5:36 am

With the recent purchase, Neo would calmly wrap the sum carefully before throwing it up in the air, his giant oversized rock-like frog, extending its tongue like a certain pokemon to wrap around the total 300 k or whatever it is, before drawing it back into its mouth, the safe zone, or rather, the walking indestructible safe. He is the most resistant, as well as the strongest of his beasts, so his mouth was no doubt the safest place for it to be at the current time. Of course, Neo could just potentially hold it himself, and kill whoever dared to take him on, yet that would be a bother, besides the fact that there were at least some shinobi in this village who could no doubt take the boy on, as well as the fact that getting into a war with a village, in the middle of their village during the start of an actual war…well it wasn’t always a pleasant way to end a nice transaction. Once they finally reached the end of the village, exiting through the exit/entrance terminal which I assume is a dipu like levitator/elevator, only to find mido, the shark thing and bully waiting paitently. And by patiently I mean, Mido and Bull were having bouts of strength, looking as though they were jousting with one another, which was to be expected after Bull cleaned mido out during his taming. But yeah, it was quite disturbing for young sharky, who crawled over to the trio happily.

Sharky was wedged in between Bullfango’s horns, While Mido ran beside him, enjoying the freedom. Neo however sat upon the back of Kech, who ironically enough was sat upon Tetsu’s back, as he hopped along carelessly, with no struggle due to the weight. Strong ass frogs these days. “Maybe we should go back and check up on that village which seemed under attack. The one in madness.” Neo would say outloud. His beasts were the only ones aware of his insanity. “Fuck.” Jax didn’t even bother offering a response, just an insult on the world. Neo doesn’t listen to him while awake, so it was too be expected that he wouldn’t try to resist. In Neo’s imagination, Jax rode upon Mido’s back, yet for all of us normal people, he wasn’t there. After a day’s worth of riding, or rather, 1 hour, they had returned, exiting from their stride at the start of the long walkway down through the centre of the town. Dirt stained with blood, weapons left in the area, and walking towards him, was his two companions, Yvette and Regal, not yet aware of his presence. They were no doubt the cause of this drama, but what can you do right. Your group is your group, nothing you can do besides support them. The voice in his head jumped to the conclusion that they were attacking, yet common sense dictates this was more then just that. All boiling into one word. Liberation. Epsilon was finally on the move.

word count: 502-503. Definitely over 500, i know that.

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Back to Souls (travelling)
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