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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 Preparation for Greatness

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PostSubject: Preparation for Greatness   18th May 2014, 11:14 am

Ace walked around Kohaigakure until he found a suitable place to make preparations for his mission against a jonin. He wasn't scared at all seeing as he knew what he had to do to win, which was to be careful and assess the situation perfectly. Once he did that he felt like he was unstoppable, keep routine up and always prepare for the worst. Taking out his items Ace would be attaching his gift of power seal which was converted into tags to put onto his weapons, items,and armor which would inturn give all of them SS-Rank strength and resiliency. It was a magnificent the power he held in his hands, maybe one day he could pass it on to his future son, meh it didn't hurt to wish but he had completed his preparations and was now ready to head off into battle,  becoming a god was no easy task. He would leave after preparations was completed heading off to his mission.



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PostSubject: Re: Preparation for Greatness   18th May 2014, 11:30 am

Right, approved.

~A message to all~

~When I enter the cbox, you will give me at least 5 minutes before asking me for anything. If you do not I reserve the right to hit one of your characters with any technique I wish... From any character I wish.~

This has been a friendly PSA from Dadmin Blade. Have a good day.
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Preparation for Greatness
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