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 Back to the Shogunate (Travel/Training)

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PostSubject: Back to the Shogunate (Travel/Training)   25th May 2014, 2:53 pm

Well this was a successful day? Night? One can never really tell in the Land of Shadows considering the fact that it was pitch black. Carmen had arrived back in this land and destroyed a bar, unfortunately she didn't get any information about missing-nin, which was a disappointment, but these things happen. Snapping her finger she would call for her Banshee to follow her further into the land. It should stay close considering she didn't really think about ways to have the Banshees see in the dark. At the same time, she also didn't plan on returning to this land at this time, so this plan was a work in progress. “Stay close.” She would say as she would begin her walk into the shadows, the only light source, from the port, fading quickly as Carmen moved only a couple of feet into this infinite darkness. Wasn't really infinite for her however, being born here, since her vision had adapted allowing her to see in darkness easily. Now wasn't the time to be thinking about the darkness, rather it was time to be improving herself. So far she was only thinking about her new organization and the minions she would possess, but what good is a large group if Carmen herself is weak.

So she would start by improving her immortality, which was actually addressed but never completed. Carmen gave this new technique the name Chained Souls. A technique where instead of possessing one heart, Carmen owns several, further increasing her immortality rate. Now would be a good time to complete it actually as she could collect some hearts on the way to her next destination. Onto the important part, how to complete it. Actually that wasn't really the hard part. Having the Banshee hold a scroll, upon it was an image of multiple circles connected by lines. What this image was, was the representation of her new technique. Unlike with her Curse of the Immortal seal, this one had multiple pockets, each within their own pocket but being in the same dimension. She would need to add something else in though, just having them in the same dimension won't do any good if they don't change when one is destroyed, even though it is extremely hard to destroy her heart considering it is in another dimension. With each dimension being connected, she would add in a rotational method, in which upon one heart being destroyed another would take its place. That was all she needed after all, which marked the completion of this technique. Placing it on top of her Curse of the Immortal seal, she would now need to collect multiple hearts.

However, Carmen would stop walking then think about what she was attempting to do. She wanted to rule and was going to take over multiple areas to make her Underworld empire, she would name it the Pandora Empire. However, other than taking over the Land of Shadows and Land of Glaciers, she didn't know what else to take over. It would be to much trouble to take over areas all over this continent so she should concentrate her efforts close to her main goal. The lands surrounding Shadows will consist of, Silence, Ash, and Torment. With Xan working on Glaciers, that would give her a good vantage point around this area of the continent. But she would need an army which she didn't possess. Naturally going to the people she is planning to attack would be out of the question, so she would have to go to the Shogunate, for help. With this war it would give her the perfect cover to attack all, then claim the areas as her own. So it was time to return to that place, she really wondered how things are over there, considering they were probably preparing to invade.

Turning around she would make her way back to the port. It would take about 2 hours or so, and upon returning she would notice a few additions have been made. Apparently Kaosgakure were also preparing for combat. They always said knowledge was power, and this would be some good knowledge to share with the Shogunate, at least to get Carmen in the door. Right now it still seemed to be a work in progress so Carmen was still able to catch a ride to the Shogunate. Naturally it wasn't completely there, only about half-way considering the current state of affairs. On the trip Carmen would have time to think about what to say exactly to the shogun. Yes lending her power to the shogunate would be beneficial to them however she would require something for herself. In her current situation, flying under the radar would be in her best interest, but not the radar of other people rather the radar of the shogunate. Considering what she was planning, flying under their radar would be best, and how to do it exactly was all coming together in her mind.

The half-way mark would be reached and with that Carmen would depart from the ship and run the rest of the way to the shogunate. And damn was it a long ways away, Carmen would really need a boat or a new means of travel if she was going to keep this up. She did come across that Heavenly Transfer technique, that could be used except for its not being used on living people thing. With her immortality it might not be a problem but that was a long shot so she would have to do more research. The shogunate was in sight, it was about time and Carmen decided to speed up a little to shorten the amount of time in which it took. Arriving at the port, she would jump up from the water onto it and make her way to...to? Where the hell was she supposed to go to get an audience with the Shogun? Well making a scene always works, so it was time for Carmen to do what she does best, but on a much lower scale which was highly disappointing.

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Back to the Shogunate (Travel/Training)
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