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 Land Tournament - Silence

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PostSubject: Land Tournament - Silence   23rd June 2014, 4:30 pm

Area Type - Designated Area
Size - 150 square meters
Terrain - Solidifying Clouds, numerous clouds scattered about the area about 100 total each about a meter away from each other the size of a medium summon. Upon being stepped on and stepped off of they permanently turn intangible. Located hundreds of meters in the air.
Special Conditions
- Unstable Flooring - Clouds do not regain tangibility until the conclusion of the tournament after each round counts of the clouds are kept. Intangibility can be forced by specifically targetting clouds by striking them with above D-rank techniques of any type other than mental (Hybrid,Chakra,Physical, Spiritual or Natural).
- Aerial Combat - Flight/Levitation and other means of aerial movement necessary when all of the clouds are depleted unless victims plunge to their deaths.
- Windy - Projectiles thrown without strength are not accurate. This can be offset by throwing with the aid of precision throwing Shurikenjutsu.


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Land Tournament - Silence
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