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 Land Tournament - Abyss

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PostSubject: Land Tournament - Abyss   23rd June 2014, 5:46 pm

Area Type - Colloseum
Size - 150 Square Meters.
Terrain - Underwater Colloseum built on top of a submerged island, high walls with numerous seats located around the arena which are covered by domes which filter oxygen for the crowd. A vent in the center of the area (10 feet radius) pushes air into the water by means of bubbles to generate small air pockets for participants to attempt to breathe.
- Deep-Sea Combat - Water movement techniques required to utilize speed tiers without speed penality. Speed assisted by strength tiers have a drop of 1-rank, speed without strength assistance have a drop of 2-ranks.
- Underwater Terrain - Gills or Underwater breathing techniques required to prevent drowning or one can rely on the air bubbles from the vent to regain their air. Upon the vent being blocked or in case one is unable to get to it on time, those who require air breathing to survive drown in incriments of 5 posts Total dependent on their endurance tiers. (SSS-rank = 40 posts Total).
- Aquatic Enviroment - Lightning/Flux Techniques conduct instantly through the area however spread outward rather than travelling in straight lines etc. Upon being conducted it affects all those within the normal range of effect. Fire & Blaze techniques are unable to be used. Heat Based techniques have their price doubled in order to be used.


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Land Tournament - Abyss
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