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 Kisuke Jutsu

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PostSubject: Kisuke Jutsu   4th July 2014, 4:24 am

Name: Lightning Release: Lightning Quake Flash
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Class: Offensive
Range: Short Range

Description: The user releases a current of purplish lightning from their hands forward, damaging and knocking away enemies. This technique is similar to Chidori Current as they both have the effect of shooting lightning currents at their opponent. Its range, unlike that of Chidori Current, is much smaller moving at swift release speeds to cover an area 5 feet around the user.

Name: Lightning Release: Wall
Classification: Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Class: Offensive, Defensive
Range: Short Range

Description: This technique is deployed by creating a wall of lightning bolts, 10 feet high and wide that repels anyone who touches it and causes C-rank damage to them. This wall manifests at bullet release speeds and is capable of sustaining damage from 1 C-rank before dispersing however when struck with metal objects the electric charge passes into them dealing additional C-rank damage to victims who come in contact with it. The technique is used to block off advancement to the next area and the only way to dispel the technique is by defeating the users.

Name: Lightning Illusion: Flash of Lightning Pillar
Classification: Genjutsu
Rank: C
Class: Supplememtery
Range: Short-Mid

Description: This technique blinds the enemy with an extremely bright light that appears to emanate from the user's body. Those caught in the light are then caught within a genjutsu in which all they can see is a bright flash ruining their vision. This technique is triggered via proximity to the user while they are channelling chakra into their hands as a result victims who are within 15 feet of the user are caught in the technique. Those with chakra sensory are capable of seeing the chakra pulse released by the user which spreads out at bullet release speeds to trap victims.

Name: Lightning Beast Running Technique
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Class: Offensive
Range: Short-Long Range.

Description: By manipulating lightning chakra into their hand, the user can make the lightning expand to create the form of a hound. The hound remains connected to the user's hand, allowing them to control it during its attack. This technique moves at crashing ground speed to deal B-rank lightning damage with piercing while occupying one hand which is used to control the technique. As a result that hand is unable to be used for additional hand seals however the lightning beast remains active until it is either destroyed or the chakra connecting it to the hand is removed. While running their is a trail of lightning which lingers behind the beast which goes all the way back to the user.

Classification: Dojutsu, Kekkai Genkai
Class: Supplementary

Description: Itsugan, the liar's eye. Its a Genjutsu based dojutsu which grows in power as the user perfects their skill. The eye has many stages that are unlocked, each adding to the eyes appearance and power. Each eye adds its own unique powers, as well as unlocking the abilities to preform stronger genjutsu. Additionally the eye gives the user a deeper understanding of genjutsu and allows them to master the skill with greater ease. Finally, the eye grants the user a slight increase in intelligence and chakra with each increase in rank.
Each increase in rank also has certain limits, which will be detailed below.

  Activation - This is the eye that all clan members gave without the use of the Itsugan. The eye is, for the most part, rather normal. The only discernible feature is that, once the eye has been activated, the iris has a faint blue ring, even when the dojutsu isn't in use. Once the user has trained to activate the first stage of their eye they can use it with ease. While active the user's iris becomes light blue, while their pupil becomes slightly darker blue. The white of their eye appears to become a moving white mist if someone looks directly at it.Once this eye has been reached the user can view chakra sources as well as see in ultraviolet vision. This is gained by being in complete darkness.Stage 1 - Once the user has mastered the Activation, this stage can be unlocked with additional training. The pupil will transform into a + sign, while the iris seems to become brighter blue. The white of the eye appears to have specks of color in the moving white mist. Once this eye has been reached the user will have the chakra cost of all genjutsu lowered by 1-rank. This is gained by seeing the death of another.
Stage 2 - Once Stage 1 is mastered, This stage causes the iris begins to glow blue upon activation and a ring surrounds the + signed pupil giving the eye a unique appearance. The white of the eye still retains its moving white mist color although faint traces of various colors litter it. Once this eye has been reached the user will gain the ability to break out of Ronin & Diablo based genjutsu equal and below the users rank. This is gained by being trapped in a Ronin or Diablo based genjutsu
Stage 3 - Once Stage 2 is mastered, The entire eye, pupil and iris, begins to glow like a deep blue sapphire. This particular stage exhibits strain upon use and as such can only be maintained for 5 posts with 5 posts being added for each rank starting at academy with the max being 25 at Sannin rank or 20 at Hunter Nin rank. This technique strengthens all genjutsu used by 1-rank during the duration of this technique without increasing the chakra cost. This is gained by killing an equal rank Ronin or Diablo after the other two stages have been obtained.
Stage 4 - The final form of the Itsugan which can only be obtained after all the stages up to this point have been mastered. In this form the eye changes again gaining 4 additional black rings which unlike the original aren't in the iris rather they are in the white of the eye. Once this eye has been reached the user is able to trap opponents in genjutsu if the lock eyes with the user with no chakra cost to the user. In addition a final ability is to see in infrared vision. This is gained by killing a Ronin/Diablo 1 Rank above the user Alone.
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Kisuke Jutsu
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