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 Kyoshiro's Laboratory

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PostSubject: Kyoshiro's Laboratory   17th July 2014, 4:26 am

During the war some people had disappeared from the Pits, Victors and Victims alike. During this time those that wandered too deep into the forest saw people they once knew as something monstrous. Whether they were who they used to be or not, no one knew. They'd disappear just as quickly as they'd appear. Often times people would go searching. Some found nothing, others heard terrifying screams. While others disappeared in their search. No one knows whats going on. However, they do know one thing. These creatures and sounds come from the cliffs past the forests to the South of the Academy where one can look out over the water. Rumors say that steel doors are hidden within the rocks, though they are difficult to find and impossible to open. However, when search teams go, the doors are never found. People call this area the Haunted Cliffs.


Now that the 'lore' is over, this is the entrance to the Laboratory (above). Below is the first room interior. Strange glowing tanks line the main hall like pillars, strange creatures hanging within the tanks. The floor is made of thick glass with an aquarium underneath filled with exotic creatures of the deep. Multiple doors align its halls with a glass motif in the very back looking out over the ocean.

Main Hall:

There are four main rooms. The first of which looks similar to a mad scientists lab. Creatures in cages, test tubes, formulas and more littering the work tables.

Main Lab:

Next up is the Surgical Room, normally covered in blood with simple equipment laying around. A computer sits next to a strange looking table that is stained with blood normally. This computer usually keeps tracks of the patients vitals. Despite this being the surgical room it often looks destroyed due to some experiments that get out of hand.

Surgical Lab:

And near the back of the main hall is a long corridor that leads to a massive round room far beneath the earth. This place normally holds tanks of failed or unstable or mid-process experiments.

Experiment Tanks:

Besides these, the final room doesnt seem like much. Its a simple bedroom for one to rest, though it looks like its been touched less than anything else in the strange building.
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Kyoshiro's Laboratory
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