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 Tierno's Techniques

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PostSubject: Tierno's Techniques   23rd July 2014, 2:07 am

Name: Improved Explosive Tag
Classification: Fuinjutsu
Range:Long Range

Description: This is an archived technique created by Felicia Shinu which she created her own explosive tag formula which she has been developing to further aid her in battle, Tierno rediscovered it and  applied it to all of his own explosive tag beforehand. Each tag is able to detonate dealing B-rank damage which can quickly stack up thanks to chain explosions.

Name: Anti-Chakra Destruction Seal
Classification: Fuinjutsu
Range:Long Range

Description: A brand of tags which seem like normal explosive tag but instead is a relic from Felicia Shinu herself. Her seal was aimed at Jinchuriki but Tierno tweaked it to affect his purposes as well. If placed or detonates near an opponent the tag implodes and sucks up an equal rank amount of chakra out of the opponent who was affected by it and than destroys the chakra.

Name: Paper Tag Prison
Classification: Fuinjutsu
Rank: A
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close

Description: With paper manipulation, the user attaches a blank paper tag to  opponent and the tag grows in size  and folds itself around the opponent until it adequately encompasses the opponent from every angle. Than the true seal forms as the prison cuts off the chakra of anyone inside and creates a small no chakra zone. Though their is a negative, as the technique can only fueled with the users chakra. As in a source of their chakra have to be touching the prison for the anti chakra field to apply, though that's for the effect, the prison itself can withstand an A rank technique before being shredded through.
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PostSubject: Re: Tierno's Techniques   23rd July 2014, 2:47 am

Improved Explosive Tag - Requires Explosive Sealing Method to learned before you able to even start making explosive Tags.
Anti-Chakra Destruction Seal - Requires Modification Sealing Method: Transferal Formula Lvl 1. With an absorption base seal. The destruction is actually the easy part it can be achieved with a simple purge modification base seal now if it was an explosion then it would also require Explosive Sealing Method but if it's just destroying what's in size you can just make that modification which will essentially purge whatever is within the storage seal destroying the contents.


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Tierno's Techniques
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