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 Jigokugakure Tavern

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PostSubject: Jigokugakure Tavern   30th July 2014, 12:16 am

The Jigokugarkure Tavern. A magical place where the oddities of Pandora come together to indulge and share in the substance known primarily in these parts as piss. It was quite traditional in style, much like the rest of this village, with a wooden decor and old fashioned bar. Made solely from large wooden support beams, stone walls and rock tiled flooring, it wasn't ever the most enticing place in the pandorian empire, yet to many it could be considered a second home. Regulars of varying species, shapes and curses were always flooding its tables regardless of the time of day or night. After all, the undead need to spend their eternal days somehow, right?

Of course, the bar was at the front, filled with both kegs and taps alike, offering the very best from both new and old ages in terms of liquor, with the old fireplace not far away from that. Tables were scattered randomly around both the bottom and second floor, with candles as the main source of lighting in all those hard to reach places. All in all, its nothing special, more a shithole if anything, where all the scum of the empire come to drink, fight and love.

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Jigokugakure Tavern
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