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 Regal Smiting (5th Floor)

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PostSubject: Regal Smiting (5th Floor)   4th August 2014, 3:26 pm

Outside, Regal Smithing takes the appearance of any other shop in the shopping district, except the glowing red and black sign which reads its name. When approaching the shop the first thing that would be seen are the various armors placed behind the window, which both halves of the window is separated by an opening, the entrance. Once inside the store, one would see glass display cases going all each wall but not touching them, being about 3ft in front of each wall, each case holding a different type of weapon, usually of a size equal to or smaller than a katana. Along the left and right walls would be bigger weapons unable to be held in the glass cases. On the back wall would be various puppets, all sized small-humanoid. Even though larger puppets are not displayed, there is a catalog which contain the larger puppets that can be purchased.


Weapons being sold:
Flash Grenade:

Smoke Grenade (Violet):



Life force Receiver:


Services Offered:


Regal Requirements to next promo:
0/1 SSS-rank specialty weapon
0/1 SS-rank specialty weapons
0/2 SS-rank weapons
3/5 S-rank weapons
1/1 Large puppet design
0/3 Medium puppet designs
0/5 humanoid puppet designs

Scholar: (Learn)
0/1 SS-ranks
0/2 S-ranks
0/4 A-ranks
0/6 B-ranks
0/8 C-ranks
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Regal Smiting (5th Floor)
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