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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 To the battleground known as a temple

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PostSubject: To the battleground known as a temple   7th August 2014, 1:53 am

It was time for her departure and Carmen would need to prepare. Not for the battle but for the goddamn cold she was about to go in. What the hell were they thinking putting that temple in the middle of the frigid north. Well the Shinigami did symbolize death so it kinda of made sense but still, Carmen would have to travel all the way to that frozen hell, find the temple, then fight in that hell. Out of all the fights Carmen had been in, she was most concerned with this one simply because of the cold. Walking to her room she would grab a big coat, one capable enough to prevent her from wanting to turn the Polar Continent into the Volcanic Continent, something she did consider a couple of times but let it go due to Xan and the people of Samui preferring the cold. Regardless, she would need to make her way there, in this case she already had a boat ready to take her to the continent. Almost skipping her way to the docks, she would jump on the boat, then have the driver pull off. Sitting herself on the boat she would smile and look into the sky. “You know driver, I'm excited. Today we will learn something. If I win, that a deity is capable of being tamed like the bijuu.” That idea remained in her head the most, Carmen had the power, more than enough power, but the deities were not a force to be reckoned with, especially this one who Carmen decided to take on. The Shinigami, the god of death, the sole person who no matter how much immortality a person in Pandora achieves, the Shinigami could take it away in an instant. But Carmen had achieved her own powers, her own immortality to delay her meeting with this beast, the discovery of the flames of Hell, and her Underworld Arts, her greatest ability which would be the deciding factor in this battle. Her mind was going into a frenzy, this battle would be biblical.

“But if I lose, the world would know that even a God can be challenged.” It was a win-win situation. Yes Carmen might die, but if she did the world would know that somebody challenged a God, most likely damaged one, but in the end died. That would leave room for others to pick up where Carmen left off, namely her Knights. If she would die, she would want her Knights to be the next ones to take on this deity then seal it away and gain its incredible power. That thought was in the back of her mind though, her sole focus was on enjoying the battle that was coming to her. She would continue to focus though, this probably the most she has prepared for a battle since ever. She didn't prepare for the Jonin exams, she didn't prepare for the invasions, Carmen mainly relied on her immortality to keep her alive and used that fact to perform stunts that would kill mortals. But she was nowhere near ignorant. She knew that her weakness was sealing, that is why she did attack randomly. Without time to prepare, her enemies would be left defenseless to her. Surprisingly even though the Ibwa exist, most people do not know how to deal with immortals. That was another reason for this escapade. Due to their invasion of the west, Pandora let the world know that more immortals live in this world than they thought. If the shinobi were to attack, they would without a doubt possess fuinjutsu, but if Carmen and the others possessed the power of a god, it would take powerful fuinjutsu to seal them away. One on the level of what Carmen would use on the Shinigami. This was something that she had to study but the study paid off which resulted in her Nine Layered Sealing.

She could see the Polar Continent approaching, feeling the temperature drop only served to anger her. “Damn place.” With the boat docking, Carmen would get off then go on her way, into the frozen abyss known as “Fuck its cold.” Being in the Land of Glaciers, Carmen should take a stop by Samuigakure, to show her face, but she would do that on her way back, to show that she had succeeded in her mission. Her walking would take her though the Snowflake Forest, usually a beautiful place but for Carmen it was hideous. Snow, ice, cold, pure garbage, nothing beautiful about it. Rather Carmen should set it on fire then let it burn forever. That made her happy, however the ever decreasing temperature would continue to displease her. Hell by the time she would arrive at the temple she would be pissed and burn the entire temple down. That would bring us to this point, the Land of Futility, if she thought Glaciers was cold, this place as literally hell. How cold was it, -100 degrees. Just to survive Carmen would start a fire, actually having to bring the flames of hell to this plane just so she could survive. She would be able to survive regardless due to her type of immortality, but she wanted to be warm, and that is what she wasn't at the moment. “Dammit, dammit, dammit. I hate this place so much.” She would continue to walk, occasionally looking at a map with her directions. Looking around, she could see tracks of god beasts, maybe if this place wasn't so damn cold she could do some hunting around here, but it was how it was so after she finished her work she would leave quickly. Finally she would see her goal, the Temple of the Shinigami. That damn Shinigami better be there to or Carmen is turning the Land of Futility into a new Land of Ash. Continuing to walk forward she would see the entrance, men really did come here to worship, but after this battle only one god will remain, one by the name of Carmen or the Shinigami.

Count: 1015 words
Land of Ash to Land of Futility to Temple of Shinigami..Carmen is gonna kill this bitch.

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PostSubject: Re: To the battleground known as a temple   7th August 2014, 12:22 pm



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To the battleground known as a temple
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