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 Zel Culinary (6th Floor)

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PostSubject: Zel Culinary (6th Floor)   14th August 2014, 1:32 pm

A shop which often has pleasant aromas wafting out of it, with a sign drawn in elaborate script. The display window is see through allowing those who look in to see that this store is for the sale of foods and cooking ingredients, and it is organized in such a way that those who enter the door can see the cooking apparatus in the back. The interior is decorated with exotic marble and their are numerous display cases featuring spices, sugars, peppers, cookbooks and other things pertaining to cooking. These are located in specific sections of the shop with signs hung over head to split it up into sections. Near the back of the shop is a stove, with a chef usually cooking up something for guests to try being made from the cookbooks and ingredient selection within the store to encourage their purchase.


Spices Being Sold

Cookbooks Being Sold

Cooking Ingredients Being Sold


"I've grown disillusioned with the idea of a shinobi, innumerable amounts of them are seen running around throwing around flashy ninjutsu and have lost sight of what it truly means to be a true assassin. Perhaps I'll be the one to shatter that illusion, and reeducate the populace on what it really means...to be called, Shinobi."
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Zel Culinary (6th Floor)
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