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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 Giovanni Kai

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PostSubject: Giovanni Kai   1st September 2014, 3:28 pm

Personal Info

Name:  Giovanni Kaironokuma
Alias: None at the moment
Age: 13
Gender: Male    
Height: 61.5 inches
Weight: 100 lbs
Zodiac Sign: Taurus  


Gio has a calm, collected, and highly perceptive persona. He does have a playful side at times, proving to be a comfortable and joyful companion. He also seems to be well aware of his opponents in whom he shows great respect towards them regardless of age, gender, race. The Kaironokuma appears to be respectful of those around him; he does not like to freely speak about other peoples' pasts, which gives him that 'nice guy' aroma feeling. Gio has a pure 'nobleman' and 'gentle' voice, giving him more of that strong, manly tone, yet calm, and elegant voice tone. Gio is also is a sweet and kind person who loves his friends and family, and is willing to go to the top to obtain his dreams, as well as caring for those in need of help.






Giovanni was born on the largest island in the land of abyss, Subarashii, where both his parents resided. The community’s population was rather small, the numbers adding up to twenty-three people at the time of Gio’s birth. Though there wasn’t much celebrating within the community about the birth. The community knew of his parents’ origins, originating to the Kaironokuma Clan. Gio’s birth, however, wasn’t all full of smiles. It was diagnosed that Gio’s was born with a genetic defect that rendered his optic nerves nonfunctional resulting in him being blind.

Three years past without much occurrences, but eventually hunter ninja stumbled upon the community and were able to recognize Gio’s father who was a missin nin at the time an took him into to custody. Though his father had committed many a crime during before settling down at Subarashii, the leader of the group of hunter nin had sympathized with him due to the fact that he had a family and instead of giving him the death penalty they gave him serve a life sentence.  

Since Gio was a Kaironokuma, he and his mother were allowed to reside within the Kaironokuma clan since they had nowhere else to go and due to the fact that his mother couldn’t let go of her husband. Gio would attend the academy in Dipugakure and eventually graduated at the age of 12.  

Ninja Info

Village: Shinobi Council
Rank: Gennin
Clan: Kaironokuma
Chakra Nature: Earth, Lightning

Primary Weapon: None

Secondary Weapon: None

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PostSubject: Re: Giovanni Kai   1st September 2014, 5:55 pm

Approved, add in your techs

Regal Requirements to next promo:
0/1 SSS-rank specialty weapon
0/1 SS-rank specialty weapons
0/2 SS-rank weapons
3/5 S-rank weapons
1/1 Large puppet design
0/3 Medium puppet designs
0/5 humanoid puppet designs

Scholar: (Learn)
0/1 SS-ranks
0/2 S-ranks
0/4 A-ranks
0/6 B-ranks
0/8 C-ranks
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PostSubject: Re: Giovanni Kai   3rd September 2014, 12:15 pm

Ninja Starters :





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PostSubject: Re: Giovanni Kai   

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Giovanni Kai
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