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 Minarai Castle (Location)

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PostSubject: Minarai Castle (Location)   7th September 2014, 1:03 am


Minarai Castle is one of the many changes made to Jigokugakure established by Carmen. Like most buildings within Jigokugakure, this castle is built into the volcanoes however it is separated from the rest of the Jigokgakure so those residing inside can work in peace. This castle was created to replace the inefficient shinobi Academy building. Being separated into various sections, this castle not only houses training facilities for the Apprentice Knights, but also Jigoku's library, making this the choice location for Jigoku's scholars. In a majority of the rooms scattered throughout the castle, are books, each room being assigned to a specific specialty. In other rooms could be found beds, serving as rest areas for either scholars, Apprentice Knights, or anybody looking for a place to stay.

Placed in the back of the castle are several large arenas, created for the sole purpose of allowing Apprentice Knights to train their new techniques or be trained by the scholars. Being held in the biggest room of the castle is the Cursed Seals, ones created by Carmen and her scholars. In the room are several panels scattered around, each one showing a projection, through the Projection Technique, of how the Knight will change if given that seal. Along with the panels, are three scholars, given the task of placing the seals upon any Knight who requests it along with any Modifiers which they request, however a Knight cannot ask the scholars to create a Modifier, if they want to further modify their Curse, then they must specialize in Juinjutsu.

Cursed Seal assigning (All Cursed Seals listed in Pandora Exclusive Techs are able to be obtained here)

Regal Requirements to next promo:
0/1 SSS-rank specialty weapon
0/1 SS-rank specialty weapons
0/2 SS-rank weapons
3/5 S-rank weapons
1/1 Large puppet design
0/3 Medium puppet designs
0/5 humanoid puppet designs

Scholar: (Learn)
0/1 SS-ranks
0/2 S-ranks
0/4 A-ranks
0/6 B-ranks
0/8 C-ranks
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Minarai Castle (Location)
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