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 Tairaela's Tech

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PostSubject: Tairaela's Tech   27th October 2014, 4:42 am

Name: Gyration
Classification: Taijutsu
Rank: B-rank
Class: Passive
Range: Range of Rae's Vectors

Description: In their physical form, Rae's vectors are always vibrating. The vibrations send waves through the air and through air displacement allow the vectors to transfer sensory of the area to Rae. The area sensed is in a dome with Rae at the center, extending out from Rae in a distance equal to the range of her vectors. Of course this requires physical form, which means when the vectors are in mental form Rae is once again rendered blind. This also forsakes the sensory granted to Zerins by the mental vectors, giving Rae absolutely no ability to use it.

Name: Duel
Classification: Taijutsu
Rank: A-rank
Class: Supplementary
Range: Range of Rae's Vectors

Description: One of Tairaela's signature techniques. In this technique all her vectors condense into just two vectors. This reduces the number of vectors but in turn makes them more potent. This distributes the power evenly, meaning an even number of vectors will always be cut in half (E.G. 10 vectors will go down to the 2 vectors with 5 vectors condensed in each of them.) For every 2 vectors condensed into each of the 2 main ones, the tiers of the VECTORS (Not Rae) are increase by 1. This means if Rae has 8 vectors and they have C-rank strength and speed, the two vectors left after this technique will have A-rank strength and speed. Over the course of this technique it is impossible to switch the vectors to mental form, only physical due to the extreme amount of concentration required to keep all her vectors condensed together. This lasts for 4 posts at AS, 6 posts at Genin, 10 posts at Chunin/Tokubetsu Jonin, 14 posts at Jonin, and 20 posts at Sannin. After the technique has worn off the vectors will suffer a 1 rank drop in their (original) tiers for half the duration of the technique.

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PostSubject: Re: Tairaela's Tech   27th October 2014, 4:08 pm

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Tairaela's Tech
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