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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 V's First Shogunate Mission.

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PostSubject: Re: V's First Shogunate Mission.   11th November 2014, 4:08 am

Well, i didn't notice that I messed up one of the spoilers above. Uh Huh...Moving on, as Vendetta spoke her cursed words of torment, causing the boy to freeze on his spot. For a second, it was pure anger, but almost instantly, his face turned to simple regret. "Fugitive huh? This is what I get for doing the right thing...In the next life I'll be as evil and cruel as pos-" Time was up. There was no avoiding the death, his time was up. The axe's speed would deal devastating damage, practically blowing his entire torso apart as he died almost instantly. What a poor way to go, splattered against a fence which his blind sweetheart continually felt around for his touch, not knowing what had went down on the day they chose to do some gardening. Well that's all for now, don't forget to pick up your stuff.

Mission Success. Since this mission was solo'd, be sure to collect double the reward.

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PostSubject: Re: V's First Shogunate Mission.   11th November 2014, 9:21 am

Vendetta would retract Kabutowari back towards her before sighing to herself and dismissing the two genjutsu which were afflicting the girlfriend of her target she would walk over to where he was splattered before kneeling down and saying a short prayer before using Kabutowari's axe part as a makeshift shovel so she could bury his remains. Once that was done she would clean off her weapon and hook it back in it's sheathe retracing her steps so she could get back to Sheol. She wasn't affected by carrying out the execution of the criminal however his words might of been lies but they were compelling and thus she would check out exactly what had happened. If he was telling the truth then it was unfortunate she had obeyed her orders something she would always do no matter what unless it directly conflicted with her faith and vows and thus she had a clear conscience despite that if he was truly not wrong she would petition to redeem his name in some way perhaps. She would head back to the office so as to report in a mission success, on to the next one she guessed.

(Vendetta exits)


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V's First Shogunate Mission.
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