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 Pumping Iron with the Dragon

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PostSubject: Pumping Iron with the Dragon   6th November 2014, 10:34 pm

Ryuu had spent the past couple of days lounging around the greed capital, exploring what there was to do in the city which for him really wasn't anything. Sure a kid his age would usually spend his time in the arcades or some meaningless place like that, but alas it would not do for him. So as he usually would, Ryuu would walk towards the local gym in order to work on his strength. It would take him a few minutes to walk towards the gym, and was greeted by the manager then pointed him in the direction of the locker room. So he would change into his work out gear then made his way towards the bench press, perhaps today he would slowly work himself up in weight to ensure an increase in strength. He started with a hundred pound on the bar and would begin lifting. Many things started to race through his head as he lifted and lowered the bar, the most prominent however was the fact that Yvette, the woman he had admired was sending him back to that hell hole known as the land of souls.

Hopefully it was a big enough place that he wouldn't have to run into the degenerates, last thing he wanted was to go back there. However if Yvette wanted him to do such a thing before she could bring him into her organization, he guess that he would have to, but he wouldn't enjoy it. Hell he wasn't even sure if he was ready to go back there, or even if he would be able to control himself if he seen his family again. It could go one of two ways: he would see them and turn right around and walk the other way, or he would go into an uncontrollable rage and possibly kill them all. After a half hour of pumping iron Ryuu would get off the bench before dding more wight on it, maybe another hundred pounds. So after adding the weight he would get back to lifting the bar, sure it was considerably heavier then before but then again, no pain no gain. "Why?" He kept saying to himself as he raised and lowered the weights, why was he doing this? Was it for acceptance? No, he really didn't want to be accepted by anyone. Was it a quest of vengence? No, Yvette had already taken care of the people who killed his parents....... Wait, maybe that was it? He wanted to be useful to the woman who had drastically changed his life, thats why he was going through all this. Thats why he was going back to Souls, thats why he was going to her school, and thats why he would possibly murder his relatives.

Gods, just the thought of them was really starting to piss him off, so much so was that he was moving his arms up and down at a rapid pace, shaking the weights loose on the bar. A few more seconds of the rapid pumping, one side of weights would fall off the bar causing him to lose his balance with the bar. Thus causing him to drop the weighted bar onto the ground with a loud thud. The manager would come from around the corner and see the damage he had done and instantly got infuriated with the kid, and attempt to throw him out of the gym. However Ryuu wasn't going to go anywhere until he was done his work out, he had too much anger and tension to work out.

After apologizing for the damage he had caused he would move over to the heavy bag and started to punch it. He wasn't sure when he would be going back to to his home country, but from what Yvette and Neo had told him it would be rather soon. He really didn't want to go back, but he wanted to be useful for once in his life, so he would just have to suck it up for now. However each time his thoughts would return to his home life he could tell he was causing unnecessary damage to the bag, he could see a small stream of sand leaking from it and knew that if the manager seen it he would be in even more trouble, possibly getting him banned from the gym. Now that was something he didn't want to do. So he had to take it back a bit in order to not cause anymore damage, then again he was leaving soon what what the hell right. As his anger rose he could feel something going on under his skin, then he saw it. His hands were bleeding, but not from the bag, but a set of bones had started poking out of his knuckles coating his fingers in bone. This raised a flag in his mind. "What the fuck is going on with me?


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PostSubject: Re: Pumping Iron with the Dragon   6th November 2014, 10:36 pm

okay, good job sir
3 day training ban.

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Pumping Iron with the Dragon
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