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 Urumi Hokkai- Character Development Thread

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PostSubject: Urumi Hokkai- Character Development Thread   20th November 2014, 4:47 pm

So since everyone can't be on at the same time this thread will be how i keep track of who wishes to rp with me and things that i will be doing IC in terms of plot making with other members, you. Yes you :}.

So if you wish to rp with Urumi, this thread will have information showing where she is currently and likewise people can post in here if they wish to work something out in terms of CD in order to start a topic.
Current Location: Land of Grave's- Canyon's(Urumi&Tabula Rasa)
Potential Plot interest:Main plot at the moment will be heading to the land of madness until Tabula Rasa can find a way to contact his family the Hokkai clan. A secondary goal i am interested in thanks to xander giving me tips is meeting the fledgling missing nin group lead by Arikiko Yaju.


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Urumi Hokkai- Character Development Thread
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