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 Land & Location Prices

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PostSubject: Land & Location Prices   Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:16 pm

City Name: Rai-Geto
Description: Largest civilian center in Limbo. It has faded somewhat from its glory between losing business to Epsilon and all of the land ownership papers being stolen during a crisis. However, despite the depressed state of the land being ruled by various self styled warlords, it has vast potential waiting to be re-unified.
Exact Location within Area: Is in the East most part of the Area nearest the sea and extends to nearly the northernmost boarder of the Area
Current Places Within
- Rai-Geto Castle Estate
- Lab Number 5 "The Zoo"
- Free Town
- Kingdom of Coal
Overall Income Generated:80,000 - 200,000 Xel
Cost to Purchase:4,000,000 Xel
*Must Complete "Deeds of Rai-Geto" Mission for upgrade
*Must own all other land in Rai-Geto to own
Overall Upkeep 20,000 Xel

Name: Rai-Geto Castle Estate
Description: A small wooden castle with a maze like interior. Once it was built as a last ditch defense of Limbo if invasion ever came, but due to the relative quiet around the area has never been truly tested in battle and instead became the defacto center of political power in the city.
Overall Income Generated: 4,000 Xel
Overall Upkeep: 1,000 Xel
Purchasing Price: 20,000 Xel

Name: Lab Number 5 aka The Zoo
Description: A small compound just outside of the town proper that houses and studies various rare animal species and undertakes various experiments to even create new ones. They often display their creations in a "Zoo" of sorts for the elite or other scholars to view. However, they are not currently paying all of their dues do to the loss of the deed that requires them to pay the Xing Family for the land.
Overall Income Generated: 4,000-7,000 Xel (After Deeds of Rai-Gato)
Overall Upkeep: 3,000 Xel
Purchasing Price: 45,000 Xel

Name: Free town
Description: After the central administrative power in Rai-Geto fell the southern part of the city failed to contain its criminal element. It was threatening to become a full blown state of emergency. Partially out of need and partially out of panic, that sector of town was walled off and no longer fell under the administrative government`s powers. It has since become a no-man`s land. Of Brothels, Gambling dens, and Smuggling contraband dealers.
Overall Income Generated5,000-10,000 Xel (After Deeds of Rai-Geto)
Overall Upkeep: 4,000 Xel
Purchasing Price: 45,000 Xel

Name:Kingdom of Coal
Description: The bulk of the City not currently quartered off in the criminal sector, replacing the dark trash strew streets there with the scent of brick and smoke. It is most famous for its coal intensive blue steal treatment which gave the manufacturing sector its name. However, the current owner has let it fall far into disrepair and it is in a state where it could never catch up to more organized productions.
Overall Income Generated: 4,000 - 20,000 Xel (After "Deeds of Rai-Gato)
Overall Upkeep: 3000 - 2,000 Xel (After Deeds of Rai-Gato)
Purchasing Price: 60,000 Xel
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Land & Location Prices
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