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 Born of Madness - Family Ties

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PostSubject: Born of Madness - Family Ties   9th December 2014, 7:34 pm

------1 year ago somewhere in the ASC-------

Zane looked up at the padded ceiling above him as he rested in the corner of the pillow covered room. He sighed as he looked down at his hands, flexing his fingers as Neo Nanos crawled over them and on the ground around him. At least they hadn't put him in the jacket today. He hated that thing, it kept him from playing with his bugs, which was pretty much the only thing he had to do to keep himself from going completely mental. I'm. So. Bored. Zane said, with each word being signaled by him hitting his head against the back of the wall he rested on. It'd be another few minutes before they came around to let him out for rec time. There weren't any windows in Zane's "special" room, but he had been at the institute long enough to develop a fairly reliable internal clock. Burn it. Burn it all down. Zane, or rather Paul, said out loud. Zane rolled his eyes and groaned, Oh god, not this again. Shut up Paul. Zane's demeanor switched again as Paul took over, You think you're bored? At least you have control most of the time, I just sit in here watching life pass through your eyes and not doing anything about it. Zane was back in control as he answered his other personality, Who's fault is that? I didn't ask for you to develop and for the last time we are NOT burning anything down. Paul scoffed, Why not? Zane was silent in thought for a moment before answering, Because I said so. There was a long silence in the room as the Neo Nanos busied themselves with various tasks, crawling over Zane and the walls of the padded room. You're an idiot. Paul finally said. And so are you, considering you're a part of me. Zane retorted. Paul narrowed Zane's eyes as if throwing a death glare towards someone sitting across from him and simply muttered, Touche.

As Zane had guessed, keys behind the door of his room jingled and several locks unlocked as the door swung open. About three orderlies stood outside along with Dr. Sinclair, an empty wheelchair in front of him. Good afternoon Zane, if you'd come with us you may have your free time period. Zane rose, the Neo Nanos buzzing over to him and disappearing beneath his standard issue Institution scrubs. Actually Doctor, it's Paul now. Zane said before shaking his head and muttering, Would you give it a rest already? Sup Doc? Why do you always bring that thing? I never want it. Zane asked as he stepped out of the room and into the long corridor that housed it. Hospital protocol, as you know, now if you'd please follow me I have a few questions before I let you go. Zane shrugged and began to follow the Doctor before noticing one of the orderlies on his right. The man was rigid, pale, clearly new. Zane smiled a devious row of teeth before looking the man up and down and staring into his eyes. Neo Nanos erupted from beneath his shirt and pants, creating a large cloud between Zane and the orderly. They buzzed furiously, ready for attack before the cloud suddenly parted and Zane leaned into the man's face and yelled a simple, Boo! To the poor guy's credit he didn't flinch, simply blinked, and Zane frowned in disappointment before looking down near the man's pants. A small area around his genitalia was rapidly darkening and growing. Zane threw back his head and laughed before following Doctor Sinclair who simply stood there, shaking his head in annoyance and clucking his tongue. Zane if you keep acting up like this you'll never be cleared to leave the Institution. Zane just snorted and said, Who said I wanted to leave? You guys are a hoot. He walked past the doctor, continuing down the hallway unattended with his hands on his head. The Neo Nanos buzzed and swarmed before disappearing back into Zane's skin. Come on Doc, get that guy cleaned up and let's move, time's awastin.

Doctor Sinclair sighed and followed the young boy down the corridor, How are you today Zane? The doctor asked, not because he was interested but because he had to, per the usual routine Zane was used to. Fine. Dr. Sinclair nodded and asked, And Paul? Zane shrugged, Still kickin around in my head. Yup. Paul added suddenly before Zane came back. Look Doc, we go through the same questions every day, nothing changes. Ever. It's not going to so can we just save each other both some time and let me leave already? Dr. Sinclair thought for a moment before sighing, Very well, but tomorrow you're answering all of my questions. The tall, African-American doctor, said. Zane threw a hand back in a half-hearted wave goodbye, Whatever you say Doc, see ya later. With that, Zane took off running down the hall and shot through the doors without another look back. He made his way through the corridors, passing various patients and orderlies saying hi to some and messing with others. Hey O'Donnell, look over there! He said to one elderly patient in a wheelchair sitting by the window. Mr. O'Donnell had been a vegetable since the day he came to the Institution. Zane laughed to himself as he passed by without another word. Finally, after making it all the way to the other end of the Institute, the rec ward as they called it, Zane practically dove through the doors of the library.

You see, when you're cooped up in a padded room for most of the day and night, you get bored very quickly. The only thing that satiates this boredom for Zane is becoming lost in the stories of old. Epic battles filled with deceit, deception, heroes, villains, and all out blood baths. Recently he had finished most of Ibaragakure's history and was looking for a new village's history book to study. The library of the Institute was actually rather impressive, with towering shelves filled with old texts. Dust older than three times Zane's own age lined many of the old texts, save for the ones Zane pulled out. It was odd, many of the patients at the Institute didn't bother reading, Zane always wondered how they had never been driven mad with boredom before he realized that it was because they were already driven mad by other various demons in their lives. Zane began skimming the rows of books, humming softly to himself before an elderly lady appeared in the row, dressed in a rather formal business suit, much too formal for a librarian, but that was how Gretta was. Morning Gretta. Zane said without even looking in her direction as he skimmed the spines of the books before him. Actually Zane, it's mid-afternoon now. She said kindly, Gretta and Zane had always gotten along. Gretta was one of the few people Zane actually liked at this place, the rest he simply used for his own amusement. Zane simply shrugged before saying, Meh, it's all the same when you're locked up in that ridiculous room. Say Gretta, I just finished Ibaragakure's history, got any suggestions for what to read next? Gretta shook her head and clucked her tongue in sorrow, Oh Ibaragakure, such a shame what happened to them. Such a strong, proud village, before the Dobutsu attacked. I'm afraid that may be the last ever history book you read about Ibaragakure. Gretta said sadly before recovering quickly and remembering Zane's question, Ah I may have just the thing. You've been reading a lot about the Shogunate and Shinobi war lately, know most of the villages' histories and their various Kages' stories. However, have you read much about the various Missing-Nin organizations? Gretta asked before turning and walking out of the aisle of shelves, Zane quickly following behind, No, some are mentioned in the textbooks, whether the organizations were hired or had encounters with various villages, but names are rarely used. It's all very vague, I wasn't aware Missing-Nin organizations had recorded histories. Zane said skeptically but Gretta simply smiled, Oh of course they do, one in particular was a big part of the Shogunate and Shinobi war. I believe their names started with a G...one moment. Gretta said before turning down an aisle and scanning the rows upon rows of books.

Zane gazed up the large walls of books as Gretta searched, after several minutes Gretta broke the silence and said, Ah yes, here we are! This should get you started. Gretta said with the sweet smile of a grandmother, handing Zane a well-worn book with a purple velvet cover. The pages were old and dry, a thick layer of dust covering the front and back of the text. Zane took it and turned it over, inspecting it carefully before blowing some of the dust off, Guess not too many people are interested in the history of Missing-Nin. Zane said before mentally reading the title, Gekihen: The Pursuit of Peace. That was an odd title for a book detailing the history of Missing-Nin. Peace? What Missing-Nin sought out peace? Gretta chuckled quietly, You're right unfortunately, no one cares for the Missing-Nin because they assume nothing but evil comes from Missing-Nin. If you ask me, I believe Missing-Nin are the only people who know true freedom, who know what it really means to have the world at their fingertips. Some people are driven mad by this possibility and for that they are only remembered for the terrible actions they take. It's a good read, though to be honest I haven't read it, I lived it. Gretta said with a wink before walking away, leaving Zane to pour over the text she had gifted him. Zane watched Gretta leave until she disappeared among the books, most likely heading back to her desk in the front of the library. He pondered her rather mysterious words before shrugging and opening the book, taking a seat right there on the floor. His enhanced cybernetics allowed him to read and take in information much faster than the average 11 year old. It also helped that Zane quickly became engrossed in the book from the get go. It was unlike the village history books, this one detailed different covert operations, raids, hirings by other villages. It spoke of clearing out the old and ushering in an era of the new, a restart if you will, so the world could live in harmony instead of war. It spoke of the members of Gekihen, Seth Ibwa, Lilith Mikaboshi, Zoe Necrose and all the others. One in particular caught his attention however and that was because she shared the same last name with Zane, his clan's name. It wasn't the name that surprised him most however about Lynx Shinto, it was the descriptions that, whoever wrote this, gave her. She was a Shinto alright, a strange Shinto that used robotic bugs. Now who did Zane know that used robotic bugs. He looked down at one of the males crawling across the book and allowed it to crawl onto his finger before inspecting it carefully. He let the bug burrow back into his skin before continuing his reading. This girl apparently possessed a cybernetics of her own, eerily similar to Zane's. It was one thing to be related through the clan, but this girl appeared to be a direct descendent of Zane's. If Zane's family knew about this girl, they never talked about her to him. That was mostly due to the fact that they had locked Zane up in this mental institution years ago because they simply couldn't handle him anymore. Bastards.

Things got interesting when the writer of this history book went into detail about a love connection between the robotic Lynx and this Zoe Necrose woman. Apparently this woman suffered from bi-polar disorder, a lucky coincidence maybe? Zane shook his head, coincidence be damned at this point. Three hours and well over eight hundred pages later, Zane closed the book and took a deep breath, his mind comprehending exactly what he had just read. Apparently Zoe and Lynx had been involved in the murder of Cassandra Duo, one of, if not the, most powerful Kages Shigakure had ever seen. She had gone mad with power and was put down only by the combined efforts of several of Gekihen's strongest members. After that, Zoe and Lynx are never mentioned again and the book ends. Zane was perplexed by these sudden emotions, which he never truly felt. A longing to connect with someone washed over him as he ran his fingers over the velvet cover of the book. He had never been a part of his family, his parents had quickly hated the creature they created. He was nothing like them at all and they both feared and despised him because of it. In fact he was nothing like any of the Shinto clan members had ever seen...for nearly four generations that is. For once in his life he had found two people, two possible family members that were more like him than anyone had ever been. They had been lost in time, but not forgotten. Zane was pulled from his thoughts as the intercom suddenly sounded for dinner time. Shaking his head, he walked to the front of the library and approached Gretta, Gretta may I please take this book with me to the room? I need to read it again. Gretta raised an eyebrow in surprise, Sweetie you've been back there for over three hours, why don't you take a break? Tell you what, I'll save it here on my desk so you can start reading it as soon as you walk in tomorrow. Zane shook his head in polite defiance, Gretta you don't understand, this...this...I found something in this book. Something about me, I need to hold onto it. A flash of what Zane at first registered as surprise but Paul quickly took over and registered as devious satisfaction, passed through Gretta's eyes before she pursed her lips and sighed, I'm sorry Zane, but you know the rules, the books can't leave the library. I'll keep it here for tomorrow. Zane hung his head in defeat and heavily dropped the book on the desk before walking out the door. There was no point in fighting her on the topic, if he took it and they found it, they'd just destroy it if he resisted in handing it over. That was the last thing he wanted right now.

Zane trudged down the corridor, making his way to the cafeteria where he sat alone by one of the windows, stirring the slop of food on his plate with a spoon. Usually Zane would take this time to mess with more of the patients, but he was distracted today. Noticing this lack of energy in Zane, Dr. Sinclair approached silently and took a seat opposite Zane at the table, You're oddly quiet this evening, everything okay Zane? the doctor asked. Zane looked at the man, his head resting in his hand while the doctor sat opposite him, hands folded in front of him. Zane thought about telling Sinclair about what he had discovered, he was practically bubbling over with excitement on the inside. Doctor Sinclair however wasn't Gretta, the Doctor didn't really care, nor was he really interested. He was simply trying to do his job of evaluating Zane with stupid questions that anyone could ask. Zane kept his thoughts to himself and turned back to the window simply saying, Everything is fine, Doc. Apparently Sinclair woke up today and decided he wanted to annoy the shit out of Zane, because that's what he was doing, Everything doesn't seem fine, you look lost in thought. Tell me, what are you thinking about? Share your thoughts with me, it'll help. Zane snorted, You want to know what I'm thinking about Doc? You really do? I'm wondering how much force it would take to drive this plastic spork so far up your rectum that you'd cough it out three days later, that's what I'm wondering. There was a long, uncomfortable silence between the two of the after that. Zane waited to be berated for such language and threats, they'd probably throw him into the jacket for the night but instead Doctor Sinclair did something completely unexpected, he laughed. Zane was confused for a moment before deciding he was fed up with this bullshit and getting up from the table, Whatever Doc, I'm done here. I'm going back to my room, send an orderly to lock up.

As he left, behind him Zane could hear Doctor Sinclair regain control of himself and call after him to wait, but Zane didn't even break stride. He made his way back to his room and jumped in, closing the door behind him as best he could with a bang. Instead a soft squish of escaping air was the only noise that came from the pads hitting one another. This only frustrated Zane even more, but as Paul began to take hold, Zane calmed down. He had been good about keeping Paul in the passenger's seat since coming to the Institute. Last time Paul took over, about half a dozen Shinto academy kids lay bleeding in the streets, Neo Nanos feasting on their flesh. That had been the tipping point. The clan had called for Zane to be put down, but for reasons Zane still didn't understand, they had spared him and instead sent him to this place. Zane collapsed onto the padded floor and let his Neo Nanos out to spread their wings and stretch their legs. They never left Zane for long, mostly because the males died off if they did and if the females left at all they too died. Still, a little movement was good for them once in awhile, and it usually entertained Zane. Not tonight though, tonight was different. Zane simply fell asleep, the thought of having a real family filling his dreams as he did.

Zane woke up many hours later, into the early morning of the next day. However, he quickly realized he wasn't in control. His eyelids didn't open when he woke up, they had been open all along, and he was standing instead of lying down on the padded floor where he had fallen asleep the night before. What the hell is going on? Zane thought, although he already knew the answer before Paul spoke through Zane's lips, Oh you're up, welcome back to the world of the living. You were tired, so I took over the wheel for a bit. Zane was confused, Paul had never been able to do this in his sleep before, But how? You can't do this, you only come out when- Paul interrupted Zane saying, When what? When you have a strong desire? A strong desire like finding your family? That's right buck-o, believe it or not we share the same desires. Like you said, we're the same person at the end of the day. Zane didn't have a response for that, this was bad, very bad, but Paul wasn't done, So just sit back, enjoy the ride and I'll get us out of here. Zane was confused by what Paul meant until he noticed where they were. Paul had tucked Zane's body up in the corner of the room near the door so when the orderlies opened the door, they'd find an empty room. This was very bad. As if on cue, the door began to swing open. There was a momentary pause of confusion as the orderlies looked into an empty room. Finally, one of them stepped in and Zane frowned, it was the same one who had pissed himself the day before. Poor guy probably drew the short straw with his buddies and was told to go in and check. Don't do this Paul, he didn't do anything to us! Zane mentally shouted but Paul completely ignored him, female Neo Nanos covering his hands as he let go of the padding and fell on the orderly. The Neo Nanos began destroying the cells and flesh in the man's neck. Cutting down to the artery and severing it in less than two seconds. Paul took this moment of surprise to jump from the orderly and grab the throat of the second, Neo Nanos making quick work of this man as well, leaving a gaping hole where the man's adam's apple should have been. The third ordelry had started to recover and bring out her shock baton, but not fast enough. Paul was on her in a second, grabbing the wrist with the baton as the Neo Nanos chewed through flesh and bone before Paul brought a hard knee up towards her face. Zane was unsure if the woman was dead or unconscious, but her face was a bloody mess for certain.

Zane couldn't do anything but helplessly watch as Paul went on a rampage through the corridor. After several turns and hallways, Zane became confused, Where are you going? You want to get out of here and search for some answers like I do, don't you? The exit is back there. Zane pleaded, but Paul just snorted, Relax, we have a little stop to make before we leave. By now sirens were already going off as orderlies filed through the halls. They gave Paul little resistance. His impressive strength coupled with the Neo Nanos made short work of the orderlies. Finally, Paul strode through the doors of the library and over to Gretta's desk where she stood tapping her fingers on her desk, a smile on her face. The book lay where Zane had left it the day before on her desk. So I see you finally decided to break out of this hell hole, huh Zane? Paul grabbed the book and smiled back, Actually it's Paul now, Zane is...otherwise occupied at this time. I'll make sure he sends flowers. At that, Paul raised his right hand and went to grab for Gretta when a sudden, unseen force of energy knocked him backwards several feet. Zane could feel Paul struggle to move, but it was like a heavy weight was binding him down. Gretta walked out from behind her desk and with each step Zane watched as she grew younger and younger until finally she stood over Zane, or Paul rather, in the striking appearance of an early twenty-something year old with red-brown hair and striking purple eyes. It was taking ages for you to find that book Zane, I had to take matters into my own hands. Besides this stupid role I had to fill was growing bothersome. Who wants to be an old hag librarian? Not me, that's for damn sure. Anyway, they'll be here soon so I don't really have time to explain it all. Just know we'll be in touch. Follow the book, Gretta said, tapping it with the toe of her red heels, and you'll find your answers. With that, Gretta walked out the doors of the library without a word, in all the confusion no one would notice the beautiful young woman who had taken the place of the elderly librarian. Zane was beyond confused, even Paul seemed a bit disturbed by the sudden events as he got up, the invisible weight being lifted at Gretta's departure, Well, that was unexpected.

Zane was about to say something to his counter part when the library doors burst open again and Doctor Sinclair strode in looking...rather pissed to say the least. He calmly unfastened his tie and dropped it to the ground, Zane. Zane, Zane, Zane. He said over and over as he shrugged off his white lab coat and began rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt. Actually it's- Paul began, but Sinclair quickly cut him off, Do I look like I give a damn? I don't care who's in control right now, because you're both in the same body, so you're both going to die here. You murdered a dozen innocent people and for what? Do you even know? Just for fun? You sick bastard. Paul snickered, Oh Doctor Sinclair, I'd love to see you try, you'll just end up like your orderly friends. Your fists against my Neo Nanos? Please. This time it was Sinclair's turn to chuckle, You foolish, foolish little shit. I never told you this but I was a Hakagakure Hunter-nin before taking over this institution. Do you know why I did? I was kicked out of Hakagakure for having 'too brutal techniques' for the interrogation department. For once, Zane was almost pleased at this too, because for once Paul had nothing to say to that. An instant later, Sinclair was upon him, producing a wicked looking scalpel knife hybrid and slicing into Zane's neck. Except...it wasn't really Zane, it was a fabricated recreation of Zane. Paul had activated the Rejection technique just in time. As Sinclair cut into the fake Zane, Paul took the real Zane body and grabbed the book before turning towards the large bay windows. He blasted out the window in the library and jumped through, three stories down, landing in a thick pricker bush. Luckily, Zane couldn't register pain so Paul took off sprinting, not looking back. Zane mentally sat back and sighed, that hadn't been an enjoyable ride at all.

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Born of Madness - Family Ties
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