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 Nargacuga Breeding Grounds

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PostSubject: Nargacuga Breeding Grounds   10th December 2014, 10:45 pm

Name: Nargacuga Breeding Grounds
Description: The Nargacuga Breeding Grounds is located in the North having moved in to reclaim their natural territory once Himeigakure & Ibaragakure were destroyed due to a lack of domestication by shinobi. Their population is steadily growing but have not forgotten what happened in the year prior as a result they are more vicious in regards to shinobi often stalking before killing them and typically try to remain hidden from sight so they can do so undetected due to benefiting from those who were trained as mounts or pets by shinobi. The Trees within the Land of Forsaken might not be as tall as those in the land of echoes but they have extremely wide canopies densely saturated with leaves and grow to interlock with one another resulting in very low amounts of light reaching the forest floor. The trees in this section reach 750-1000ft high & having trunk diameters of 100-150ft (at base) and due to Aria's influence have been crossbred with the trees of the Treeline Stairwell to produce the fire resistant sap but they lack the chakra resistant wood. Regardless due to the height of the trees it is difficult to see via vision without another source of light, not that it affects the creatures found within as all of them have adapted to surviving...and hunting in darkness.

Height in Air - Level of Darkness
1001ft +(Above Canopy) - Normal Light
1000-801ft - Occasional beam of light filters through: Night-Vision (clearly) or D-rank Reaction/Vision based sensory in order to see (partially).
800-601ft - Dimmed: Night-Vision (clearly) or C-rank Reaction/Vision based sensory in order to see (partially).
600-401ft - Somewhat Dark: Night-Vision or B-rank Reaction/Vision based sensory in order to see (partially).
400-201ft - Dark: Night-Vision or A-rank Reaction/Vision based sensory in order to see (partially).
200-101ft - Very Dark: Night-Vision or S-rank Reaction/Vision based sensory in order to see.
100-50ft - Pitch Black: Night-Vision or SS-rank Reaction/Vision based sensory in order to see.
50ft and Below - Complete Absence of Light: Night-Vision or SSS-rank Reaction/Vision based sensory in order to see.

Breeding Grounds Effect = Nargacuga Called into a Topic take Half as many posts (total) to arrive

Exact Location within Area North

Current Places Within
Electro Nest:
Nargacuga Breeding Ground Shrine:


Overall Income Generated N/A
Overall Upkeep N/A


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Nargacuga Breeding Grounds
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