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 Treeline Stairwell (Mid-East)

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PostSubject: Treeline Stairwell (Mid-East)   10th December 2014, 11:42 pm

Name: Treeline Stairwell (Mid-East)
Description:This is a unique oddity as a cluster of trees in the Land of Echoes have been aligned like a spiral staircase winding around each other with the center being occupied by the largest tree in the forest stretching so high into the sky that it is rumored to touch the clouds. What is up there one will never know. The Mid-East layer is home to the middle-point in terms of tree height out of the cluster and by now it is obvious that the spiral goes in a clockwise manner spiraling inward, as each tree is usually around 2000-4000ft high & having trunk diameters of 300-425ft (at base). All of the wood of comprising the trees of Treeline Stairwell secrete sap which makes them fire resistant and the wood itself is chakra resistant with the older a tree is the more resistant to chakra it is (older trees of this type are always the tallest).
Chakra Consumed to Stick to each Post (Total) - Height of Tree
D - Base to 500ft
C - 501 to 1000ft
B - 1,001 to 1,500ft
A - 1,501 to 2,000ft
S - 2,001 to 3,000ft
SS - 3,001 to Canopy

Exact Location within Area East

Current Places Within
Denkou Ancestral Grounds (Red Yang Trial):


Overall Income Generated N/A
Overall Upkeep N/A


"I've grown disillusioned with the idea of a shinobi, innumerable amounts of them are seen running around throwing around flashy ninjutsu and have lost sight of what it truly means to be a true assassin. Perhaps I'll be the one to shatter that illusion, and reeducate the populace on what it really means...to be called, Shinobi."
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Treeline Stairwell (Mid-East)
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