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 Don't leave me!(Travel Topic)

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PostSubject: Don't leave me!(Travel Topic)   17th December 2014, 3:16 am

It was just starting to rain and Kid was standing at the port which housed the shinobi council's military transports for this area he would be taking a boat fit for a single squad and seeing as how only R'tari was still here only the two of them would be on it and for the most part Kid was still on edge about traveling but was ready to face his fears and the war ahead. Kid had all his stuff packed into the boat and would simply be sitting on it overlooking the water and people passing by and leaving in order to hold there war positions in his mouth would be a blade of grass and he would be utilizing it in order to make a whistling noise. For the most part he was taking advantage of his time to relax and would simply wait for R'tari before leaving though after too long he would leave on his own.

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Don't leave me!(Travel Topic)
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