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 Training Travel to Greed!

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PostSubject: Training Travel to Greed!   25th December 2014, 10:58 pm

Doing a little digging Teiryuu was able to find out that Epsilon had an area in the land of Greed, well to be more precise they controlled that area from the sound of things which would be fine with him. On the other hand he also had the scroll he got from Jasmine too so he could study that while he was at it assuming he could learn it too. the only things he could really understand, at the moment, of the scroll was that there were requirements to being able to use these, one of which required a symbol. He took some time while waiting for the ship captain he hired to let him know they were ready for him to board, which took a couple hours. "Hmmm....." he rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he shrugged. I guess it requires a barcode on the skin as a catalyst?" He looked up and noticed that the ship still wasn't ready and from what he could tell there was still half the load needing to be on the ship. He sighed and shook his head before catching a sign hanging from a store door that he failed to notice before. It was a common symbol for a needle and ink, putting two and two together he realized it must have been a tattoo parlor. Looking back down at the scroll he shrugged and walked into the building while he looked around the shop owner approached him with a smile "Welcome, welcome. Are you here to get one of my famous inkworks done upon your flawless canvas?" With the mans approach he looked over and shrugged. "I was just looking to get a barcode on the palm of my hand, that would be it more or less, think you can do that? and how much for it?" The shop owner sighed softly it didn't look like this young man was particularly interested, but he needed to get his work out there so he could gain more patrons. "Well tell you what, let me give you what i call the dragon's lotus, and ill give you the barcode for free, well both would be free." he smiled hopefully as he looked at the young man. Teiryuu lifted his eyebrow up a bit as he realized it was a new shop based off how the lack of any dust was in the store and how eager the owner was to do some art. "Why not i guess." He shrugged he had nothing better to do other than wait so why not, it was all free. "Lets get this started" said the shop owner as he lead the way to his personal tattoo chair and had Teir lay stomach down on it while removing his shirt. Laying there Teiryuu closed his eyes and decided to relax tensing up would only cause more pain than need be. "Okay im ready for the ink then" It took half an hour maybe longer Teiryuu wasn't sure about how much time passed by the time it was over. However, his right palm and right shoulder now were tatted up, the palm with the barcode he wanted and right shoulder region with the dragon's lotus. "Awesome, time to see if they are ready." Teiryuu thanked the man and proceeded to walk out and noticed that the ship only had a few more boxes left before they would be ready to set sail. Quickly Teir grabbed his things it had been quite a few years since he had been on the land of origin. "Ready to go when you are captain" The captain nodded and thumbed the direction to the cabin which Teir had paid to be in. "Ye get yer arse to the small house and we will take sail in just a bit." Teir nodded and headed up to the cabin and dropped his things on the bed, which everything there was bolted to the floor. "Time to get under way huh?" he smiled softly as he realized the captain wasn't lying about leaving soon as the last of the cargo was loaded where it should be and the crew seemed to hover up to the ship just before they left the dock, it would be a few weeks before he touched land but that was fine.

After letting the tattoos heal Teiryuu brought the scroll out and started to look into it, "hmmm so if i do this and this huh?" he started to play with the barcode until it actually seemed to digitize on his hand which at first scared him but soon enough he had grown accustom to it it had a nice little barely noticeable shine to it however, that was all fine and dandy but he needed to know how to use it then he had a flashback as he remembered Jasmine just forming the scroll into her hand. "Maybe if i just push the object into the barcode?" he shrugged it was worth a shot but he wasnt sure if it would work or not. He took his umbrella and pressed it against the palm of his right hand and watched the umbrella start pixelating then vanish into his hand. "Oh shit!" he grinned as he soon realized he needed to figure your how to bring it back out. "Hmm swipe and think of the umbrella i guess?" he wasnt sure about this but he was right before so it was possible for a second time so while thinking of the umbrella he touched the barcode and watched as the handle first came out of the palm of his hand as if he was materializing the umbrella. "HAHA awesome!" Those weeks he had to spend waiting for them to dock would seem almost like agonizing stagnation he nearly had nothing else to do besides keep waiting and practicing with the first jutsu he learned, so to speak it wasnt much of a jutsu but more of a storage method. Next one of the list was something about weapons, creatures and information. This next one would take a bit of time, they were half way through their trip and during that bit of time Teiryuu had did nothing except meditate trying to utilize the method the technique stated. a few more days passed as a bird flew into the window and looked at him while he meditated and soon bam... It seemed like an odd visual, however he was able to see the type of speed the bird was capable of which turns out was while diving bullet release speed, and swift release speeds normally. "Huh... this is kinda awesome, but a little trippy gonna have to get use to this a little more." Teiryuu soon heard a knock as he opened the door the captain was there. "What's the matter captain?" he the captain jerked his thumb to the docks they were heading fore. "That be Greed's port" Realization hit as he realized that was very much true, maybe a few more hours time and they would be docked at greed. "Thanks for the information Captain." he nodded to the man and turned around and picked his bags and stuff up and packed everything before looking around a little bit "Hmm. well this was a nice home while it lasted" Teiryuu smiled softly as he moved back out of the cabin and headed over to the rail sitting down waiting for them to dock. "Hmm things seem to have changed a lot in my absence here..." an hour passed as they drifted into the port allowing the ship to slow down so not to wreak when coming into port. "So captain, i want to thank you for the trip, it was a pleasure sailing with you" The captain simply grunted as the fact was Teiryuu barely had any money but he was able to sweet talk the captain into accepting a very meager amount of money to bring him to greed by the time the captain realized it, it was too late to do anything about it so he honored the deal. It would only be a matter of minutes now before they reached the docks. Finally the ship stopped and the crew tied her down and allowed Teiryuu to disembark the ship. "Well welcome back to me." Now he decided to start walking around greed to see what was happening around the town and to pick up rumors and information that he could. "Hmm nice enough..." he walked around a bit longer before wondering if he should start asking about the leaders of Epsilon, but something told him he shouldn't not yet at least right now could only cause trouble, but being a scholar he decided to see if there was any schools around hiring so he could get some form of income and shelter.

Arrived at Greed.

jutsu's learned

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PostSubject: Re: Training Travel to Greed!   25th December 2014, 11:08 pm



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Training Travel to Greed!
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